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Were you afraid to ask your first question on Fluther?

Asked by AshLeigh (16310points) January 3rd, 2012

My friend (who shall remain nameless, but Joey, you know who you are) casually brought up in conversation today that he was afraid to ask his first question. He expressed that he’d feel embarrassed if it was stupid.
Were you afraid to ask your first question too?
I wasn’t. O.o

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I might have been. I’m not sure anymore.

Tell him he can hide his questions on his profile. :)

(They might still be able to be found on Google, but still…)

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Yes… so I PM’ed someone, that I trusted, instead for my answer.

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I wasn’t afraid as my question was very boring but important to me.

But I also like when people ask questions. It means they are thinking and that’s usually a good thing.

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Nope. Never been afraid to ask or answer any question.

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Tell him that there have never been any stupid questions on fluther, so his is really going to stand out and jellies will scream with laughter when they read it. Then it will become a meme forever. He will become famous.

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I linked this to him. He should be here soon. :D
Joey, read that! ^^ It’s gonna happen. ;)

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He’s only been here for 3 days. He hasn’t even had time to work up a good case of fear yet.

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^^ Possible, but his fear is understandable.

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Not the first one. Each subsequent question, though, the fear grows.

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I personally have never asked a stupid question in my entire life, so of course it was not a worry for me! ~

(has be been here long enough to know what the little thingy thing means???)

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Do you guys remember your first question? I don’t, and I feel like I should! Now I have to look.

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I remember mine… XD

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@deni I didn’t remember which question I asked here first, but I went to check after I answered because I was curious. :)

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@digitalimpression – are you serious??? You must be getting some bad ass answers!

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No, but I don’t usually bother asking questions because I know that there are too many people like myself, who give asshole answers.

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I am sorry. I feel that I answer questions better than asking them. I might never ask a question on here. Nothing against the fluther community, I already feel welcome.

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Very much. So much that I made another account just to ask. :S

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@beccagolling ahahahahahahhahaha that reminds me of the fake accounts I made to ask embarrasing questions. I wish there was a way to keep track of them, I’d love to recount the lowest or most embarrassing points and laugh about them.

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You are very welcome here Huggy Bear! :) I’m glad you decided to join.

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No, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I rose through the ranks and became the feared and repsected leader I am today. Thou shalt bow before me.

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No, not at all. My first question was kind of blah, though. However, I did recently have a conversation with a new-ish jelly who mentioned a bit of worry over asking the “wrong” questions, so I’m sure it is somewhat common.

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Nope, I came here to ask questions so that’s what I do. I stayed for the humor and relationships built. I still keep in touch with previous jellies who have moved out of this corner of the ocean.

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No way, I was all excited and shit to ask a question when I first got here. I admit, some of the magic has gone out since then, but I still get that special little tingly feeling when I’m asking something here, whether it’s for fun, or if I really need to know something.

Although, remind me to never ask anything about drinking out of the toilet anymore.

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I wasn’t afraid at all to ask my first question, but I was surprised when no one seemed to understand the actual question itself itself (it really wasn’t that complex) and answers didn’t seem to address it. I quickly learned that that is not unusual here.

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Actually, I was afraid of asking this question as my first, so I asked this one instead.

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No, but I put a lot of thought into it. I wanted to to represent myself as educated, thoughtful, etc. Because I know how people tend to judge on their first impression.

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Not feared actually, but was curious instead! Alacrity of flutherers increased my curiosity further! Also, I like the idea of someone on another side of globe is responding to me, eager to answer and offer help.

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Yes, and I’m still a bit afraid to ask questions.

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Yeah I was, but I knew I was never going to get a decent answer if I didn’t say anything. I was lurking on Fluther, and realized people were actually smart here, which is strange for the internet lol.

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Not at all. I dove in very enthusiastically, actually. Almost three years ago, now, I think? I’m too lazy to check. I also think my first question was about when humans evolved to “make love” instead of just mating. Something like that… Heavy, bro.

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No. Why would I be afraid to ask a question? [ puzzled look ]

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I can’t remember feeling nervous. I do remember feeling quite defensive the first time a question of mine was modded. I’m over it now though!

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@rooeytoo I’ve actually decided not to ask any more questions here.

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I didn’t have fear at first but when those with their oversized heads have to try to pick a question apart or call it ‘stupid’ decide to show up to boost their own egos then after time the ‘fear’ grows.

@digitalimpression I hear you even though I’m not sure I answered your last question the way you wanted because I didn’t fully understand the scenerio you were describing. It was unfair the way a few jumped on you during that question when your intentions were good.

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funny I felt jumped upon for simply answering

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@digitalimpression – fluther is like any other group of people, some really good ones and some total know-it-all assopenings. Don’t let the latter deter you. I find myself relating to much that I have seen you say so you are not alone even though it may seem like it sometimes. What happens on any given day depends on who is on line that day. Not everyone is here everyday.

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No, just curious.

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Most people who responded hated my first question. Home at last.

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@Paradox25 and @rooeytoo I learn by repetition. If I bang my head against a wall 16 times there isn’t likely to be a 17th time (unless I’ve damaged my brain in the process).

There are some very wonderful people here and I will interact with them on their own questions. I’ve simply tired of weeding through to them on mine. The last question I asked really put it over the top. It could only be described as mind-numbing. Enduring that is not what I’m here for.

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No, just wondering why no one gave me a GQ. :)

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Nope. But mine was about the Rapture that was supposed to happen that day, but never did. Not really that serious. Actually, now that I think about it, I’ve never asked a serious question.

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@digitalimpression I like your questions and I usually give them a GQ vote. Don’t allow the knuckleheads on here to bully you away from asking any more. Most of these users on here frequently ask their own questions without receiving the ill treatment that I see them giving to others which is BS. I also find it pathetic that several of those users were actually trying to hint at you to eliminate your account.

I’ve been on this site much longer than you and I’ve seen many decent people eliminate their accounts. I’ve eliminated several of my past accounts but this time I figure I’ll just be a persistent thorn in the side of a few users on here. There are still some decent people on here and I’m not done myself with asking questions, but they will be asked in general. Some users can get away with asking questions without the harassment while others can’t. Unfortunately many bullies reign on here and they decide from your first few responses whether or not they will take to you.

@tranquilsea I wasn’t referring to you.

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@Paradox25 This is not my first account either. I parted with other accounts because it seemed my beliefs and opinions were not favorable to people, making my experience worse and worse as time passed.

Anyway, it’s a crapshoot asking a question here. Sometimes you will get great answers. Sometimes total rubbish. On top of that, rubbish answers will get twice as much “lurve ” making it appear that intelligent thoughts have no chance here. I’ll just chime in on other questions and save mine for the other site.

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@digitalimpression “I parted with other accounts because it seemed my beliefs and opinions were not favorable to people” Well like I said people do decide from their first impressions of you whether or not they will like you or treat you with respect and this is true on fluther, sodahead, other sites and even offline during our daily interactions with others. It does start to become obvious when you put down similar answers to everyone else on a thread but yet everybody else gets at least one GA/rave vote but yourself. Most users will not tell you that they don’t like you so I guess that this is their way of hinting at it without being direct.

It also becomes obvious when an answer that doesn’t even directly address the question and is not even serious gets many GA/rave votes, then you look at the user. I even answered several technical questions directly related to my career field that I know gave the user the best answer but yet I got ziltch while other users received several GA/rave votes despite obviously not knowing much about the topic, and it showed in their answers. None of this is no surprise to me and if I was on here for lurve and popularity I would never had rejoined. Unfortunately this is common place throughout the internet and not just a product of fluther. I went through the same thing on sodahead but that site had a larger userbase.

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@Paradox25 It’s true that people will act the same in real life. I avoid speaking with them in real life too. =)

And, like you, I am not here for the “points”. My concern is not about not getting them, rather (as you described) the overall inconsistency and misuse of them, rendering them worse than meaningless.

Anyway, I’ve droned on long enough. It’s encouraging to hear that I’m not alone in this community. I appreciate your thoughts.

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