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Is there a way to identify who "great Answered" you?

Asked by playthebanjo (2949points) May 19th, 2008

Just out of curiosity, is there a way to find out who gave a “great answer” or a “great question” to you? Would this be a feature that people would want to see? Is the confidentiality of it a plus?

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Nope. I’ve mentioned this once or twice myself. I think the general consensus is that it’s not a good idea.

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I don’t know of any way to identify who is marking you up. I kinda like the fact that I don’t know who is upping my answers. It might subconsciously influence how I answered.

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Occasionally someone will whisper into my shell-pink ear in the “comments” page. I still continue to think and write as I always have.

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don’t worry, i’d never great answer you :)

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@iwamoto: Have you ever seen me with my begging bowl out on this site:-)

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i myself have been spotted in grand central with a cardboard sign “will play doctor for lurve”

oh, and it was actualy a funny for playthebanjo, you know i wouldn’t upset my predecessor

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Oh no iwamoto!
Now I have this mental image of you at the main train station in Amsterdam with your sign, a white coat and stethoscope….....not that you’d look out of place though…

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That is a much different outfit that the one in my mental image.

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you were going with the naughty nurse outfit, weren’t ya?

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It feels good that all of a sudden someone gives you thumbs up on your answer or question without notice and without a clue who did it. This way you keep motivated to be more active on the site and you do the same for others. Thereby causing a fever about lurving others. Whatever goes around comes around your way. This is like when the tide rises, all the ships get a kick. It’s fun and exciting just to know there is something going on in Fluther, the place where things are happening. This is the glue that keep us together!

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no, i was going for my black trenchcoat, i’d grow my beard a bit more, wear a dark blue cap, and i have the reputation of being one the people who can produce “de vieze mannen stem’ also known as the dirty man’s voice, oh man, they’d give me lurve just to stay away from them

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