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Gta 3 on Galaxy Nexus?

Asked by Rickover (110points) January 4th, 2012

Is there a way to get gta 3 working on my Galaxy Nexus? What I found on google woudn’t install due to some parsing error. Has gta 3 since been updated to support my phone?

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I need the apk . I don’t buy apps.

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@Rickover Oh, so you are trying to get it for free, which is illegal, and against our guidlines.

Your out of luck here.

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It does work. My friend has a galaxy nexus and plays it. I also have the game on an iPhone 4 and must say its pretty awesome to play it again.

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XOIIO you have really read those guidelines lol;)

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@Rickover Nah, just from experience mostly, because even mentioning some words gets anything moderated.

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