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Does Target beat prices of advertised prices?

Asked by computerman92 (2points) June 26th, 2007

Does Target beat prices of advertised prices?

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do you mean - do they price match? because i'm pretty sure they don't as a general rule, but that the team leads might have the power/ability to do so. I'd say it's worth asking.. but ask in a way that's like "hey so.. I was hoping I could buy this hear at Target, but they have it advertised for this lower price here [show clipping of advertisement], and I don't know I can afford to spend more money here at Target. Do you have any recommendation for what i should do?"
also.. make sure you're talking to a Team Lead, or whatever they call it.. but what of the mid-range higher-ups. and avoid asking "do you price match?" directly.. try to make them FEEL the competition. :-) good luck!

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