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What is the heat rejection of a Cisco Catalyst 2960 24TT-L?

Asked by b (1873points) May 19th, 2008

I need to put together the heat rejection of all the networking devices in a networking closet for the AC tech. Unfortunately I can’t find the correct info for this switch. I have checked google and the spec sheets from cisco with no luck. Any one got specs I can’t find?

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I’d call Cisco. Otherwise, go with 8. It’s a good number.

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I believe we set alarms at 76 F.

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@gorilla 8 what?
@glial, that is an internal heat thresh hold, and 2960’s don’t have internal thermometers. Anyway, I found the answer: 154 BTU/hr.
Thanks everyone.

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I was just being a smartass, You had such a technical question that 8 was my way of saying that you’re not likely to get a useful answer here. Glad you found what you needed though.

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