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What do you do when you get all worked up and want to rant about something, but don't have an appropriate outlet?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26834points) January 4th, 2012

Recently, I keep noticing this thing that people say, and it gets under my skin. I resist the urge to correct people, and it has been building and building and now I have a full blown rant in my head… but nowhere really appropriate to share it.
I’ve been known to rant on my Facebook page, whether in a status update or a note, I’ve done my fair share of ranting around Fluther, as well.
Sometimes, it doesn’t seem like the right time or place to get it out… so what do you do when that happens? Do you blog? Journal? Call a friend?

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Blog or journal or tell someone.

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Just let rip wherever I may be! Stark raving lunatic!

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Isn’t that what Fluther is for? Tongue firmly placed in cheek.

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I take it out on my dog Maggie. She sits there and listens and really does not have an opinion on the words I am ranting about.

After Maggie has had her fill of my mouth, she politely gets up, expels body gas, and walks into the next room,

At least I know what she thinks about my problem.

Where is the air spray?

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PM a friend here, usually. Psst. PM me!

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grumble to a friend in IM (not on Fluther). Or go to the pub and grumble to RL friends over a pint.

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I usually burn the ear off a friend about it.

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I talk to a friend or if one isn’t available then I crank the music and sing as loud as I can.

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I mutter to my self on the tube. (On the bright side it does make it easier to get a seat).

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Wish I knew….

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@janbb I’m with you.

I am starting to seriously consider a blog, or some type of web journal.. just so that I can type out things like this without offending anyone.

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Q&A sites really are the answer for many things. :)

I have a best friend who lets me rant to him about many things, but I feel like he might get tired of it (if the subject is repetitive, anyway). I’m thinking of stopping… or being more positive around him.

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@AnonymousGirl that’s why it’s good to have a few people you can rant to. You can rotate them lol.

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I do, but I don’t always trust people.. or I don’t want to offend them.. or be the cause of them feeling emotionally burdened because they care about me as a person. I don’t care about offending strangers as much, though. It’s easier to be open with strangers online about some things. :)

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I rotate, like @tranquilsea suggests, or if it’s just too boring to tell anyone else I give poor Zuppy an earful. He’s willing to hate anybody that I deem needs hating, he listens, and he barks at the right spots to express either sympathy or outrage. Good dog.

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@AnonymousGirl I’ve been through periods in my life where I haven’t had many people I trust enough either. On-line forums, such as these, can fill that void.

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^^ Yes, for sure. I used to be too trusting. I invited people I thought were friends from school to be LiveJournal buddies. It seemed like they just used that as an excuse to gossip about my crushes and my private feelings, with my name attached and everything. I was horrified by this and started privatizing my journal entries more often. That is one of the reasons I’ve decided to be “Anonymous” publicly on Q&A sites and keep the names of people I know out of things for the most part on sites like this. Q&A sites can definitely fill a void—and they can also save you from being permanently judged by people who know you personally over issues you might consider trivial in the future.

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I usually PM a few select people.

Auggie probably hears the worst/most of it though.

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^^ She is a good listener, that one. :)

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She really is.

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Redirect it all inwards and let it fade or add onto my self hate.

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1.) Two Ohm I speaker systems.
2.) Two SAE A502 800w power amps running in bridged mono mode.
3. A DBX dynamic range expander.
4.) Any Bob Seger or Pink Floyd CD.

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I sing and listen to rock music.
Or write.

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I take a long hot shower.

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Yeah ^ a long hot shower works for me too :-D

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@ANef_is_Enuf I, for one, want to hear your rant. If it annoys you, it probably annoys the rest of us, too. ;)

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I put on some music that will get me all hyper and distracted then finish off with a nice shower and some veging time.

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Drinking something cool also helps, like a glass of water or apple juice.

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Like @dappled_leaves, I also want to hear this rant. I feel a sort of suspense that might never be satisfied with closure. :)

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• Crank music in car, DRIVE!!
• Fluther
• Rant to my wife (if she’s up for it)

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Use the energy to wash windows or clean the garage.

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I also want to know what the rant is!

I bitch to Mr. Fiance, unless it’s something about him that’s bothering me. Then I bitch to my best friend.

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Never happens. I have an appropriate outlet. My husband of nearly 34 years knows enough by now to listen, pause to see if there’s any more, listen again, and finally say “Feel better now?” And sure enough, I do.

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I’m curious… What’s the thing that gets under your skin?

I usually punch something… Or write.

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I’m super curious, too. PM ME DAMN IT.

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Oh, it was really stupid. You’d all be disappointed if I posted it. Honest.
And, part of the point was that I didn’t want to post it here, or, I wouldn’t have asked. :)

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I will usually privately have a vent to someone I know. Usually someone I know who will also realise I am just venting and will be over it later and won’t take it too seriously or hold me to account too much for it. Sometimes, you just need to get the venom out.

A journal would be an alternative @Neffie.

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I blog, or journal if it’s not something I feel like sharing with the world, or if I feel it needs a discussion I ask a Fluther question if it’s appropriate. Sometimes I take an only somewhat-relevant Fluther question and twist it to fit my needs and let it out there. I apologize for doing that. xD

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