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When was the last time you were really angry and why?

Asked by Tbag (3313points) January 4th, 2012


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When my sister called the Public Trustee on me in an effort to besmirch my reputation. She only did this because she was mad I didn’t pick her as a co-trustee. That was insane.

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A couple of months ago, my mother and I had a fight (yet again) but I felt rage so hot, I almost shoved her violently into the wall.

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I don’t get that angry. I get very annoyed, like when the children spewed chocolate milk all over their bedroom walls.

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Christmas Eve. I was feeling out of sorts since my mother left the state to spend Christmas with my sister and it didn’t feel like Christmas in my home without those two. My husband’s kids were over but they’re all three teens, mostly ignore us, bolt down food and don’t give any thanks for anything. I sorely missed my usual house of friends and family who visit during the day, cook together, talk over a nice meal, take in a movie together or play board games and maybe take a drive. Not a huge thing but just so different than what I’m used to.

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YARNLADY I am the same way. I dont get angry, I like to get even. I feel that anger is a distraction emotion, that keeps you from thinking logically.

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Given I talk about having a temper, I actually can’t remember the last time I was very angry. A bit peeved or irritated but really angry, no.

A good thing!

[Actually perhaps I should ask my family… their perception might be different to mine. I have a flash fire temper… pffft .. then gone. Those on the receiving end might have a better recollection than me!]

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I was recently very angry because I found it infuriating that a childish bully father was causing his children and ex-wife great distress and life disruption by doing his usual unconscious abusive horse crap nonsense, and our society isn’t wise enough to identify his problem and have him thrown into confinement and therapy until he gets better. It brought up past issues for me with bullies and other friends’ controlling abusive parents, and in order to healthily process my own stored emotions, I let myself be very angry and take it out on a concrete wall with a cardboard tube. Very therapeutic and healing, as opposed to denying or suppressing emotions.

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About a three weeks ago, I was over medicated with pain killers and had trouble breathing. Instead of giving me oxygen, the doctor used narcan which immediately gave me a full shot of pain (about a 12 on a 0–10 scale). Then the doctor got mad a me for demanding that the doctor stay away from me. I go thrown out of the hospital and had to drove 30 miles to another emergency room where people knew what they were doing.

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This afternoon. I’m still not over it.

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When my son reneged on his agreement to move out according to the rental contract he had arranged. That was 3 months ago and he HAS seen the error of his ways.

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When I was walking in the crosswalk, with the light, and some idiot looking towards traffic began going through to turn right. Nearly hit me.
I don’t get angry often, but I spewed language at him that probably overheated his engine.

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Mmm… My boyfriends grandmother called me by his ex’s name. Which was fine.
Then he started calling me Erika on purpose. “Come here, Erika.
It was getting annoying, so I said “Okay, Nick.” His name is Josh.
Then he was mad at me! WTFrack?

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You wouldn’t expect this, but the person I get mad at the most is my grandmother. The last time I felt really angry was when I was in the car with my parents and grandma on the way to my choir concert. My grandma suggested a place for dinner, and my parents told her that they had chosen a restaurant that I had suggested.

My grandma then brought up the good point that the last time she and I had gone to a restaurant that I had chosen, she was not satisfied with her meal. Therefore, I have terrible taste in restaurants and can’t be trusted to choose one.

This is, of course, after months of her “still not being over” a cold she claims I gave her in July.


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My boyfriend has promised me to take me to the art store—its been four days now. :/

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Oh, that would be Christmas day.

The pipe under the sink in my utility bathroom doesn’t drain properly. We use the basin next to the washing mashine to wash our hands. It’s never been an issue since no one uses that bathroom but the wife and I.

Made the mistake of allowing my wife’s young nephew to use that bathroom a few months ago. He turned the water on and left it running, which flooded the basement.

He did the same thing Christmas day after being instructed not to use the bathroom sink.

What really made me angry (and scared) was the fact I have power strips on the floor in my basement. I was lounging on the futon watching football…went to get up and placed my feet into water.

I think they heard me scream a block away.
(I wasn’t hurt…just scared and angry.)

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I can’t remember feeling very angry at any people recently. Just angry about situations, about being in pain, etc.

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