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Do you ever feel uncomfortable flagging posts on here?

Asked by AnonymousWoman (6531points) January 4th, 2012

I do. I feel odd flagging things on this site. It makes me feel like a snitch, no matter how much I feel like the response deserves to be brought to the attention of the moderators. Even flagging my own posts feels strange. I flagged a post of mine once because I felt like it had too many typos, but I didn’t like the feeling of flagging it. I don’t like flagging things on here, so I try to avoid doing so as much as possible.

What about you?

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No problems at all. Then again, I suppose it would be a bit of a problem if a moderator had trouble flagging posts!

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I think I’ve only ever flagged one or two so I’m not a flag happy person. But no I wouldn’t feel bad for flagging someone as I know the moderators don’t automatically agree with me.

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No though I haven’t done it since I first started on the site. I almost forget I have that option and hardly ever think of it since the mods here are pretty on the spot and quick to respond to any real ruckus.

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Nope, no problems. Many say they don’t want to be the “tattlers” but they continue to enjoy the high quality of the site, which is due, in large part, to the users willing to bring things to the attention of the mods. I know my flags are only saying “look at this” they have no power in and of themselves. If we don’t flag, they don’t know to look.

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I do flag, and I don’t feel uncomfortable about it (anymore).
The first few times I did though, but @JilltheTooth‘s point about the quality of the site being appreciated by most of us, because of flaggers, is one that I kept in mind.

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@rebbel : Sometimes I’m just effin’ brilliant, aren’t I?

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I rarely flag anything unless it’s spam, a repeat question or something so poorly written that it makes no sense.

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I believe in free speech and so I never flag anything.

Actually, there was one time I flagged something here, but it’s complicated and is a long story…

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I don’t have a problem flagging things. As a mod, I can tell you it is very helpful to have the flagging system in place and for users to use it, especially when there is a question getting out of hand.

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Nope and I don’t mind if others do. It helps keep the site tidy and working well.

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If there is a legitimate reason to flag, then NO, I don’t feel uncomfortable. I flag spam all zee time, not much else though.

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To the mods here:

I really wish you guys had something on your posts to make it clear that you are mods. It wasn’t obvious to me who the mods were before. I thought you were regular members!

Yes, a mod should definitely be comfortable with flagging posts. :)

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@AnonymousGirl Mods don’t always post as mods, but when they do they are clear about that. Moderators are also members too. They are fellow jellies see, and valued contributors if I may say so myself, but if they need to put on their [mod] hat they do. It works fairly well. Cheers.

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What @everphebe said. I don’t want you always to view my posts as mod posts. Mostly they are ‘just me’ posts.

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So, the effect that had on me is the effect you wanted? ;)

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@AnonymousGirl Here is a list of the mods. We have a banner on our profiles that says we are moderators as well. When we are posting something official as a mod, we say ”[Mod says]:”. Otherwise, we are posting as ourselves. We are all regular users of the site as well, so we aren’t always posting as a mod. We have a banner on our profiles that says we are moderators as well.

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Yeah, I saw that list. Thanks for sharing it with me, though. When I saw it, I read the list and wouldn’t have even guessed…

Maybe you guys just camouflage well. :)

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No, never. I used to flag every use of vulgar words, but they changed the rules to make that kind of language OK.

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I think I have flagged maaaybe 5 posts in almost 2 years. Unless it is extremely offensive/abusive I don’t even bother. I have no interest in being one of “those” self appointed forum police. My ego is just not involved enough. lol

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I have never seen anything worth flagging yet on here since the addition of the social section along with profanity being allowed in the posts. Of course I don’t follow many threads either.

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Once or twice I have flagged someone for being off topic, but I ALWAYS go off topic, so I figured I probbaly shouldn’t flag people for that. Not that I felt bad or anything. Lol. To be fair with myself, this has only happened in the general section.
I also flagged myself a few times, for getting mixed up and answering or replying in the wrong questions. Don’t ask how that happens. But it has. XD
Once I flagged myself for totally misinterpreting something and getting nearly all flame war on someone, and realized later it wasn’t warranted. I was only too happy that Auggie agreed to delete it. Lol. There really was no reason to either, because even if I was being mean, it wasn’t busting up any guidelines.
So those are the most closely related examples that I can think of.
Otherwise, anything I flag is always evident spam, and I don’t feel bad for that. Whether it’s someone asking to be a twitter friend or a spam bot, fuck em lol.

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From a mod perspective, flagging really helps us do our jobs. We don’t see every question, let alone every answer, so we genuinely appreciate our members letting us know when something needs our attention. Flag away!

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@augustlan Don’t make me flag you! :D

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@Symbeline Don’t make me whip you! :p

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Flagged. :D

Srsly though, I did. Please don’t hurt me. :)

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I’ve only flagged one thing, because there was a flood of spamming about gucci purses lol. Other than that, if I don’t like an answer, I move on.

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@Blackberry But the purpose of flagging is not to express dislike. It is to alert the moderators to something that does not belong.

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@SavoirFaire I agree, but it seems sometimes that is what someone could use it for. An answer being off topic, unhelpful, flame bait etc is subjective.

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@Blackberry : That’s why the flag is simply a heads up and has no power in and of itself. As one of “those” self appointed forum police I think it helps if everyone takes responsibility for the quality of the site, especially the ones who use it the most often, rather than just basking in a self-righteous “it wasn’t me” glow. Everybody should do the dishes from time to time.

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Nope. The mods can’t be every where and see everything that goes on so they need the heads up that something has bothered you so that they can check it out even if they do don’t do anything about it. I’m sure the mods have enough common sense to respond appropriately.

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I don’t flag on a daily basis, but when I do, it doesn’t make me uncomfortable.

@JilltheTooth It’s not the dishes that freak me out, it’s the laundry! Wanna do mine?

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@WillWorkForChocolate : Sure, if you’ll do my dishes!

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I have no problem flagging. I will flag my best friends if I feel their post deserves it.

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^^ You are honest. That’s awesome!

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I can’t wait to flag you, @AnonymousGirl

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^^ You will probably be able to eventually. I need to watch my language more because attacking people personally who I feel are [redacted] comes naturally to me. This site makes me painfully aware of that. I’m not good with knowing where to draw the line because I tell it straight. I don’t like doing the subtle digs thing. I don’t like certain rules (like being able to subtly attack people without making it obvious that’s what you’re doing), but if I don’t want my posts removed, I have to find a way to adapt to them. Maybe the rules will help make me a nicer person and going that far will not be necessary. If that ends up being the case, maybe the rules are a good thing (at least for me), even if I don’t currently like them. :)

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Several people even flag themselves! Which is pretty cool. :)

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^^ I’ve wished for that feature on another website, so I’m glad this one has it. :)

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@augustlan : That’s a good indicator for me to walk away from the computer for awhile…when I flag myself.

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The last time I flagged something, it was completely inappropriate… If I could flag my flag I would! But I needed to vent in a way that prevented me from responding badly to something that got to me, and so it was good for me in that respect… And true to their quality, the mods dutifully and appropriately ignored it. Thank you for not letting me make an idiot of myself! :-)

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I like flugging myself.

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Nope. No one will ever know who’s flagging who so I appreciate it and like it. I try not to make a habit of flagging, I only flag for spam, serious typos, and obvious personal attacks.

I’ve flagged myself on one answer at least five times but it never got removed.

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