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Can anyone help get my white rogers thermostat working?

Asked by tan253 (2854points) January 4th, 2012

In my apartment there is a white rogers 1F80–361 thermostat.
It was working fine, now it doesn’t seem to be and I’m not sure what I’ve done.
I’ve set the temperature to 72 and it just stays on 64 it wont budge at all.
I have not programmed it – although I’ve pressed program a couple of times.
My flat mate said to put it on HOLD but the temperature is still not going up and it’s cold in this house!
Any help would be great appreciated.
This is the thermostat on youtube.

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Call your landlord ASAP!

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She’s terrible she wont care and she’ll just get someone out in the next few days – I need some heat now!
I don’t understand it’s just not getting any hotter.

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Have you checked your fuses/breakers to make sure none of them are blown/tripped? If the thermostat is on properly and not coming on when the temperature setting is increased, it sounds like there is a bigger problem. Most states consider not having heat to be an emergency situation and there could be some big issues if your landlord doesn’t take care of it. Call your landlord and tell her that she needs to call someone tonight. If she doesn’t, than you need to look into your legal rights as a tenant in regards to having to go without heat, such as the time frame that she has to have it repaired in. Maybe look into the law in your area so you can remind her that she needs to have it fixed in a certain amount of time.

If you can’t get the heater fixed, perhaps you should get a portable heater or go somewhere else for the night.

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I almost said the same thing: call the city. But what the city will probably do is declare the building unfit and put him out on the street (out of the frying pan and into the fire).

I’d suggest you first buy a new thermostat (a simple mechanical non-programmable thermostat for $10 at Home Depot) and put it up yourself…it’s easy. If that doesn’t work, then there’s something seriously wrong with the heating system; so call a repairman and deduct his fee from next month’s rent. If the landlord threatens to evict you, have the bill ready. The court will side with you.

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Ok will try that, the thing is is that the thermostat work/ed fine its’ just tonight it’s not gaining any heat! But I’ll call her now and see what happens.

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Would a lo batt flashing sign make the thermostat not work?
That’s ridiculous right?

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A low battery sign shouldn’t make the thermostat stop working. But a dead battery definitely would make it stop working.

If you replace the thermostat, and want a programmable one, replace it with one that draws its power from the wiring and doesn’t need a battery.

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It’s working!!!! I phoned tech support and it had been programmed weird so wouldn’t raise above 65… thanks goodness _ I re booted it and now it seems to be back to normal.
Thank you guys so much I was seriously stressing – I hate being cold.

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If you want the absolute best thermostat money can buy, get this.

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looks pretty – thanks will look into it

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BTW, I don’t know if any thermostat is worth $250, but a thermostat that remembers your hourly temperature preferences just by using it for a week without programming it is pretty nifty.

And if you do buy one, and you’re renting now, make sure you save the old thermostat so you can take the good one with you when you move…

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