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Wii controller connection issues. Help?

Asked by Jude (32098points) January 4th, 2012

My nephew mistakenly selected Wii motionplus, instead your regular wii remote (along with nunchuk) during set-up. We have a regular remote, but, when we go to play a game we get “connect wii remote and nunchuck to wii remote plus, wait a few moments without touching the control stick”.

How do we fix this?

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Well you don’t have the right hardware, so you have to go buy it.

Also, look around for a reset button on the Wii, I don’t know how they are set up but it could be in a menu or a physical button, or a little hole you stick a paper clip into.

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If you open the front panel of the wii and remove the battery cover from the remote, you’ll see a red button on both. Press and release the red button on the controller (lights will be blinking) quickly press and release the red button on the console. That should tell the console to sync with the non motion-plus controller.

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Going to try it. Thanks!

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If you’re playing a game that requires Wii motion plus, nothing will work, except…well, using Wii Motion plus. The peripheral plugs into the bottom of the remote where the nunchuck normally goes, and you plug the nunchuck into the motion plus peripheral. Newer remotes now come with motion plus built in.

If you aren’t having luck syncing up all needed remotes with the Wii using Blueroses’ method, press the home button and select controller settings, then follow the prompts to add the remotes in the order you wish to sync them.

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Ahh, okay, this is an earlier version Wii (minus the built-in motion plus) and we’re trying to play Skyward Sword. Not going to work.


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Ah. I meant to go back and edit to say some games (like Zelda and Sports Resort) absolutely require the motion plus and you have to check the package. You can get the adapter for the older wiimotes pretty cheap.

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I was thinking you might have been talking about Skyward Sword, but wasn’t sure. You should NOT let the absence of motion plus keep you from playing that game. WELL worth the few extra bucks for one MP peripheral in order to enjoy that fantastic game.

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