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Do you ever get days where the lurve just floods in?

Asked by MilkyWay (13650points) January 4th, 2012

I’ve noticed today, my lurve is constantly flooding in. Quite a nice but unexpected thing, as my lurve usually tends to be slow…
Thanks to whoever gave me a GA or GQ btw :)

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There are some days when it does flood in, like 100 lurve in one day, but those are few and far between. Today, I have received many GA’s but apparently those people have maxed out on me because my lurve score has hardly increased all day.

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I think it depends on the phase of the moon…. but that’s just one theory.

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When I’m more active and actually answering questions instead of just reading! So not that often…

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Ever since I maxed out, nope.

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Yeah, but it’s few and far between. I wish I could be like some jelly’s who I’ve noticed lurve score goes up by 50–60 (and more) in one day. Sigh!

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I haven’t noticed any big jumps lately, just 5 – 10 lurve here and there. I remember days when I’d have huge jumps, but that was back when I was new here.

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Yes, but that is a rare occurence. I haven’t seen a significant jump in some time.

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Milo here: When I answer (instead of that pushy but tongue-tied Gail), i am flooded with lurve, and deservedly so.

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Most of my lurve came from people who maxed me out pretty quick. Also I’m only on here 4 or 5 days a week so my lurve as time goes on becomes less frequent. Fortunately for me I’m not on here for lurve.

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When I write a kick-ass answer! ;)
But that’s not too often. I also tend to answer the same types of questions and therefore get GAs from the same general people, so my lurve typically does not go up much.

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No, I can get lots and lots of GAs and end up with only 10–15 as an increase on my lurve total. Where are those noobs? Let me at ‘em!

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I have days like that. Tuesday over 40 GA’s without a single point. Yesterday fewer GA’s but over 100 points. I just gave you a GQ to get you a Doublon Award and no points. It must mean we hang here too much.:)

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I’ll have a day like that on occasion, but I’m similar to @mangeons in that I lurk more frequently than post. I’ve been trying to post a little more often, but I’ll probably slowly disappear again due to school. My lurve score is over 9000 – a number that deeply amuses me now.

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My lurve flows like wine.

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@muppetish We’re at about the same amount, except I’ve been here since 2008!

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Actually today has been one of those days.

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