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Who is the most notable person born or buried in your town?

Asked by Blueroses (18251points) January 4th, 2012

Inspired by this question, I started thinking about how places often acquire fame through their dead residents.

Here, we have the grave of Yellowstone Kelly who was a frontier heroic figure (and judging by this photo, I’d have to say he was a bit of a hottie too.)

So, who does your town claim as its own?

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Ronnie James Dio
oh and
Daniel Webster

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I currently live in Concord, California, so the most famous guy is probably Dave Brubeck, though Tom Hanks was born here too.

I am from Oakland, and the most famous guy from there is probably Rickey Henderson.

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All of you Trekkie nerds, it was James Doohan.

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Since my town is a hamlet of 1600 people, I am cheating and using the next town over, which gives us Martin Van Buren

Here’s the sweet little cemetery.

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Buried here:
Sir Frederick Banting, of Banting and Best, who “invented” insulin.

Glenn Gould, pianist extraordinaire.

Born here? Christopher Plummer, Will Arnett, John Candy, David Cronenberg, Corey Haim, Drake…

Alex Trebek is from my hometown.

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Buck Owens.

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I can’t begin to list all the children of Boston. But here’s a short, short list.
• — John Adams (2nd President and signer of the Declaration of Independence)
• — John Quincy Adams (6th President of the USA)
• — Samuel Adams (Great revolutionary patriot and signer of the Declaration)
• — Ben Afflec
• — Louisa May Alcott (Author)
• — Alexander Graham Bell
• — Leonard Bernstein
• — George H.W. Bush (41st President—Please not sincere apologies)
• — Vannevar Bush (American Scientist, does that make up for the bad Bushes?)

You get the picture. That’s just the Bs. Don’t even ask me to go out to the Paul Revere level, or to Rob Zombie, the musician, director and producer.

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@ETpro You are welcome for the New Hampshire people saving Boston at Bunker Hill. :)

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Depends on which home town you want me to cover but there are lots born in Greater Manchester. Some of the people you might know are:-

Albert Finney – actor
Bill Oddie – Comedian and birdwatcher.
Christopher Eccleston – actor (Dr Who)
David Lloyd George – Prime Minister
Emmeline Pankhurst – Sufferagette
George Formby – Singer/comedian
John Thaw – Actor (The Sweeney/Inspector Morse)
L S Lowry – Painter
Les Dawson – Comedian
Liam Gallagher – Musician – Oasis
Mick Hucknall – Musician – Simply Red
Morrissey – Musician
Myra Hindley – Serial Killer
Noel Gallagher – Musician – Oasis
Billy Duffy – Musician – The Cult

Brisbane – there are quite a few but I am not sure who anyone outside Australia would recognise.

Diane Cilento (actress) who died last year.
Barry Otto (actor)
Miranda Otto (actress)
David Malouf

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Alton, IL,Illinois, _“The most haunted city in America.”
Population 30,000.
Folks born in Not LA:
Miles Davis, jazz musician
Elijah Lovejoy, abolitionist
John M. Olin, inventor, industrialist, philanthropist
James Earl Ray, assassin of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Robert Wadlow, tallest person in history

That’s right the guy who killed MLK Jr, and the tallest dude on the planet, and Mile Davis all from a small shitty in the middle of nowhere town.

P.S. I was born and raised in another podunk town near by, I’ll be the first famous person from there XD, with a little over 600 peps there and not a single commercial building. But, I’m currently in Alton and have lived there before.

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@ETpro Sam Adams, beer hero! I’ll toast to his memory.

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Emily Dickinson! In fact, I had my first kiss at her grave. Eek.

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My wife said, “That would be the town doctor from years ago, who is buried in the closest cemetary ( about 200 yards from our home! ), and who delivered all the other rednecks here!” LMAO!

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought I would never think to denigrate our firgid Northern neighbor, New Hampshire. It is, after all, the Tax Haven for all us Bostonians who actually do like public parks and other government “boondogles”. :-)

@Blueroses Sam Adams was actually a brew-master as well as a Patriot, Founding Father and great statesman here. He was one of the pivotal thinkers behind the form of government we addopted in 1776, republican democracy. But he never commercialized his beer. That fell to more modern Bostonians who appropriated his name and fame.

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Andrew Jackson and…..........

Elvis Presley

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zachary taylor – Louisville, KY his cherries may have poisoned him.

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I said Buck Owens, but this crowd might appreciate Korn more.

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@Blueroses Your hottie seem to be missing his right pinky. : )

A low black metal fence is what merely separates this small and old cemetery from a very busy road. An old Catholic church stands nearby the old headstones, one of which is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s.

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I live in Frederick, Maryland, and we have quite a few notables.
Here is a whole list, but these are a couple of the highlights-

Francis Scott Key, Barbara Fritchie, Roger Brook Taney, and Thomas Johnson (the first governor of Maryland) were all born and buried here, in Mount Olivet Cemetery.

As for the more modern people, Patsy Cline lived in Frederick for a time, and Brian Voltaggio lives here and opened up his restaurant Volt in downtown Frederick.

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As far as I know or have been able to Google, no-one famous is buried in Stockport.

Fred Perry was born here and is our most famous “son” but he died in Australia and, as far as I know, was buried there.

Our most famous living celebrity is Dominic Monaghan who played Merry Brandybuck in Lord of the Rings. He was born in Germany because of his dad being in the military, and most people assume he’s Irish, but he’s not.

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Well we have living memorials to hockey heroes called Wayne Gretzky Drive or Mark MessierTrail but they were only passing through and we couldnt get hold of Peter Pocklington long enough to turn some soil for his misdeeds. Seriously, Robert Goulet was born here and the notable missionary Father Albert Lacombe is buried in a community that hitches to this town.

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Wayne Newton
Tiki & Ronde Barber

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@mazingerz88 Good eye. I didn’t notice the missing finger. I was distracted wondering if his fly was undone.

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@Blueroses He’s enough to make me want to straddle the fence, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

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@Jude I’ll pick that up – and run with it. Most of those old photos, they had to sit so long they ended up looking dead-eyed and expressionless. Kelly manages to project a “rock star” quality.

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Hugo Grotius ”....he laid the foundations for international law, based on natural law. He was also a philosopher, theologian, Christian apologist, playwright, and poet.”
Antonie van Leeuwenhoek ”...commonly known as “the Father of Microbiology”, and considered to be the first microbiologist.” “He was also the first to record microscopic observations of muscle fibers, bacteria, spermatozoa and blood flow in capillaries…”

The most notable (in my book) must be though:
Johannes Vermeer ”...he is now acknowledged as one of the greatest painters of the Dutch Golden Age.” Girl with a Pearl Earring

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St. Olav People pilgrimage here every year.

And then, probably a whole bunch of other famous people, because the church has been there since around 1000AD and it was ‘the place’ to be buried in all of Norway for a very long time for important people. It is a beautiful cathedral. Here’s a peak:

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Colonel Fred Pabst.
Joe Schlitz.
Joe Best.
Les Paul.

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@Sueanne_Tremendous beer, beer, beer, innovation! There must be a connection.

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