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Does nature and it's amazing little acts set you at ease, even if it's a temporary respite?

Asked by King_Pariah (11446points) January 4th, 2012

I know it does for me, like this picture of rivers forming something all together impressive to me. It just sorta gives me a temporary respite from the world and my worries/self hate/other lame problems.

So my fellow Jellies, does nature have a similar affect upon you? Even if it’s just a picture?

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Absolutley! I live on 5 acres in the foothills, and I am surrounded by nature and wildlife.
I JUST came in a few minutes ago from playing with my cats out in the moonlight on the edge of my tiny private road where they were batting a baby deer mouse around.
It was great!
Cool, crisp, clear night, the moon about ⅔rds full.

I often wake up on full moon nights around 3–4 am and go hang out in my yard for a few minutes, it’s really magical around my place in the moonlight. :-) The mouse got away with my help and lives to tell the tale lol

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Absolutely. Then look at the branches of a tree. Look at the ripples that the wind forms in sand dunes. Look at crystals, at corral, at my own Chambered Nautilus shell., The fact that it is all governed by fractal geometry is utterly amazing to me. Nature is so grandiose and mysterious it never ceases to send chills down my spine, and bring tears to my eyes. If there is a creator, then s/he already knows that I am hopelessly in love.

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Oh yes, it offers huge relief and may I go as far as saying that it makes me say that it’s one of the few reasons life is worth living?

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Oh yes. I love just sitting in my garden and listening to the wind in the trees. Look at the birds. Listen to the sounds. We often drive to the ocean to just watch the sea come in and go out. Love it.

I actually did a little writing exercise a while back, I just sat quietly in my garden and wrote down all the sounds (birds, wind, insects), feelings (breeze on my skin), what I could see, taste in relation to nature. It was a good exercise but it reminded me how good it is to just tune into nature for a while. I really love the sound of the ocean or wind though. I find that really helps make me feel calmer.

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Yes. My backyard is about 100 feet of lawn and then becomes the deep woods. It’s almost instant tranquility back there. Even better is to watch the deer rest or play in my yard, or spot a red cardinal or one of the many other colorful birds that seem to like it back there.

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Constantly, even if it is just the clouds moving across the city sky.

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Yes. From weeds growing in little cracks in the sidewalk showing nature’s strength to the waves on the beach any time of the year to trees’ tops pushed back and forth by fifty miles an hour winds and usually still managing to not be uprooted… Could go on and on! Glad to read that other people react to these things too (sometimes I wonder). What do you do to ensure that we continue experiencing all of these things in the future?

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Always. I can’t get enough of the natural world.

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I love nature. It always calms me down and gives me a feeling of peace.

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Heh! Mouse note. The cats must have discovered a nest of mice because they had another baby in the garage when I locked them in for the night. The baby mouse spent the night in a bowl in my bathtub and devoured a mini carrot, piece of apple and about 4 cat food kibbles and made itself a perfect little dome nest by shredding the paper towels. lol
I kinda hate to let it go, but I don’t need a pet mouse. I’m famous for the “RTU”, the rodent trauma unit. lol

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Yes. I cry about it sometimes out of joy and because it is so beautiful. I wish more people appreciated nature and got out into it more often. I think the world would be a better place and people would be more respectful. Or, I hope, at least.

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Nothing cheers me up like sitting outside on a beautiful day observing nature. I can’t explain why it has that effect but I won’t question it; I love it.

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I think it is because we sense the bigger picture in nature.
Our minds stop their incessant chatter, we FEEL the interconnectedness of everything, realize that all of our human life drama is so stupid in the grand scheme of nature and the cosmos.
Our petty little 60–100 years on this planet is so insanely insignificant compared to the billions of years of life forms that have come and gone before us.
There is some tangible cosmic comfort in being aware that our time is limited and that none of what we consider so monumentally important, is important, because, ultimately, inspite of the iron grip of ego, we ARE at one with everything, as the source of all life is the one force that catipulted every organism into being.

We ARE the stars, the trees, the dirt, the flower and the pile of dog shit. lol
We ARE nature, just have our molocules arranged a little bit differently than a fish or a squirrel. :-)

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A mocking bird singing its heart out; ducklings following their mother in a neat line; a bright red maple tree; a trickling brook; a black squirrel; puffy cumulus clouds against an unbelievably blue sky; can change my day from glum to joyful, at least for several hours.

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We saw a police car pull up to let a duck mummy and daddy and their babies cross the road. Should have got a medal for that one I think.

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