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Do you remeber certain phone calls you received that were either creepy, bad tidings or great news?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20117points) January 5th, 2012

Do you remember answering the phone and either being creeped out, shocked or overjoyed?

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I have a couple. One was a call my mom answered while I was in the next room. As soon as the phone rang, I knew it was my mother’s best friend, calling to say that her mother had just died. I had no way of knowing that, but I was right, and it freaked me out.

Another was supposedly a wrong number, when I was a teenager. The guy apologized for mis-dialing, then started chatting with me. Being a friendly sort, I chatted back… until he started asking me what I was wearing, and if I’d take it off for him. I hung up on him, and he proceeded to harass me by phone for the next three months. It was awful. I still have no idea who he was, since it was long before the days of caller ID.

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There are calls I remember yes. Most no. Life changing phone calls though, yes.

I do remember the obscene phone calls I have received too. Some weird, all freaky. Now I suppose those people are in chat rooms forwarding penis picks to unsuspecting people!

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I had a woman with a nice voice that stalked me for a long time years ago. She was totally wacked, but what a sexy voice.

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The most devestating phonecall I’ve ever received was my wife telling me that she miscarried.That was horrible.

The most creepiest phonecall came from a few of my bullies and was intended for me but instead my youngest sister, who was seven at the time answered. They convinced her her grandmother had come down with a life treathening disease and was in critical condition in the hospital. That’s just… sick. I have no other words for it.

I don’t have any good news calls although I got a text that said I was hired for a job I wanted, so maybe that counts?

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I had a pregnancy scare long ago. I learned my lesson.

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I pretty sure that I was informed of my father’s premature death by a phone call just over eight years ago, and I’m pretty sure that I know who called me, but for the life of me I can’t be certain who it was, and I can’t recollect even a single word of the conversation.

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I was creeped out when I neighbour called my house at 2am in the morning (I was a teenager) and just kept repeating, “Ribit, ribit” as in the sound a frog makes. Creep.

When my baby sister was in a dreadful car accident I remember feeling paralyzed at first and then mobilizing as I had to get our very large family together. She was injured so badly we couldn’t even leave the house to start the 2½ hour trek to the hospital she’d been taken to as they needed to be able to talk to my mother as they tried to save her life.

My husband’s father died suddenly from a heart attack. That call was horrible too.

My mother called me when she could no longer get up. I knew she was so sick she was going to die.

I’m not a big fan of the phone anyway but the number of bad phone calls has made me even less a fan.

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I hate when the phone rings in the middle of the night.

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I had an anonymous caller that kept calling and would just breathe on the other end of the line.
So one day, fed up, I picked up the yellow pages lying next to the phone and started reading from the phone book.

I heard him say, “Fuck!” and hang up. He never called again.

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Once when I was working in a bank I answered the phone and the guy on the other end said simply “There’s a bomb in there.” I laughed, hung up, and told the boss. The police came, evacuated the building, didn’t find anything, and I got half a day off.

Another one was absolutely awesome. I still remember how giddy I felt the first time my now husband called me on the phone. I was working on a group project with a couple of students from the class we were in together and I know I gushed like a giddy 15 year-old for the rest of that study session.

Calling out, I remember calling my sister out of the blue because I had a feeling. It turned out she was near death in the hospital after a horrible miscarriage.

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