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How can I translate a few sentences in English or Hindi to Sanskrit?

Asked by gamefu91 (591points) January 5th, 2012

There are a few sentences in English (or Hindi) that I want to translate into Sanskrit such that the meaning is preserved.
Can you help me?

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@XOIIO Google Translate doesn’t do Sanskrit.

@gamefu91 I’d recommend a Sanskrit language forum

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I know that you can find translators for many languages by clicking on link

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What would Ford Prefect or Zaphod Beeblebrox do? USE THE BABEL FISH!!

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Since Sanskrit is not the native language of any living group (with the possible exception of those born into Maharishi Vedic City in Iowa), it follows that all speakers of Sanskrit are fluent in another language. Find one of them and ask for help.

Some Indian-Americans who were born in India studied Sanksrit in school. Some second-generation Indian-Americans take Sanskrit classes and/or send their children. My former Sanksrit teacher had students in both categories as well as students like me who had a different cultural and linguistic background.

Unfortunately I was not a successful student (I started far too late), so I can’t help you. If you know of a nearby business with a large software engineering department, that might be a good starting place. So, of course, would a neighboring university.

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I have not had much success with the websites suggested by @gambitking and @XOIIO

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Well google translate is the most used translator.

Why not just use hindi instead of sanskrit

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@XOIIO I understand that the website uses a computer that might produce a rough translation, but not the high quality translation that an actual (human) translator can provide…

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@XOIIO Hindi and Sanskrit are different languages! The OP wants to translate something from Hindi to Sanskrit.

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@selfe Well then hire someone to do it.

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