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If I need prescription pain meds asap, where do I go?

Asked by everephebe (11598points) January 5th, 2012

What’s my best move?

Assume that I live in the U.S. and have pretty much no money or health insurance – as that is the case. :D Where do I find a doctor that will actually write me a script, without thinking I’m going to abuse these analgesics? They don’t write these sort of prescriptions at my school. Any advice or tips would be deemed quite helpful.

I have osteoarthritis of the right wrist, which has never been this bad before in my life. I’ve made it 6 years without the good stuff, I’m a fairly tough fellow but screaming in agony may happen imminently. Opiates &/or their synthetics would seem necessary. This will improve my quality of life immeasurably.

What to do, what to do?


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There are lots of urgent care walk-in facilities that charge around $80 per vist and exam, including a prescription. I have used them on weekends and holidays with my insurence for convienance sake. Rapid Care is one chain of strip docs. lol

If you are aware of the problem and the physician concurs they will probably prescribe medication. However, depending, they may insist on some tests as well, you just have to go and talk with them. It’s really your only option unless you have a free clinic in your community.

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You do have some health care through your school? Are they familiar enough with your arthritis issue to give you a referral to a doctor who can prescribe?

That pain is terrible and you have to be concerned with the toxicity of OTC drugs if you have to take a lot in order to get any relief.

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You need to see either a private practice physician or an urgent care clinic, but if you have no health insurance you may have trouble.

Look in your area on the Web for free clinics.

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The original poster wrote he had no money and no insurance so I think the only option is the county or whatever public medical service there is.

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Most hospitals take emergency patients who need emergency prescriptions. The draw back is you often have to wait hours because they take trauma patients first. I had to go to the emergency room to get my prescriptions filled once when I accidentally left my meds at home on a road trip.

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A Primary Care Provider in a Community Health Center might be able to help you…

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When I’ve had a kidney stone, I’ve gone to the ER, and I’ve been given Demerol.

Good luck.

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Go in the lobby of a police station and smoke some pot. They have to give you free medical treatment in jail :-p

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@HungryGuy Yes but school starts Monday… and I don’t have any pot.

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I think I’m gonna go to the ER and see.

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Good luck @everephebe. I hope you get help without a huge bill. Nobody should have to live with chronic pain.

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You should avoid narcotics, get splinted, and go to an occupational therapist who knows hands.

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I’m in a splint, the meds they gave me are having no effect. I guess I’ve just become an alcoholic. I have an appointment with a orthopedics specialist. Cheers.

Really why not real meds folks huh, huh? I get good grades! I’m an honest person! I have metal in my arm! Come on! Give me narcotics!

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@everphebe….my earlier response was modded for being unhelpful, saying they dont give out drugs anymore…..I was being helpful, by being honest.

So many folks just take drugs to get high, they dont consider us with chronic pain. I do not abuse pain meds either, and it took me years of finding a physician who understood. That is hard to do without insurance, financially.

Take care. I use healing stones. and they bring down the level a notch or 2.

Basically, if you need pain meds, I used to get them on the street, like a criminal.

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@jazmina88 thank you for repeating yourself, I missed your earlier comment. I can only hope I find a doctor that understands eventually so I won’t have to turn to street drugs or alcohol to not be in terrific pain.

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Because narcotics don’t treat the problem. They mask it. But suit yourself. I can tell you, though, the “If you don’t give me narcotics I’ll turn to street drugs or alcohol” won’t fly with most doctors.

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@Rarebear I hear ya, I hear ya. It’s just I’m an adult and in agony. Medicine is only a part of relief. Narcotics are not the answer, but they can be a part of a solution. I’m not going to hit up any docs with the, give it to me or else ultimatums…

A mask will do until I see specialists and figure out other options… I dunno… I need some help to deal with this these last 6 years have sucked and now the pain is worse, I have limits to what I can cope with. I know that going it alone with any type of pain is stupid.

I was PMing with another jelly and she said something I totally agree with, short term pains are easier, long term chronic pain turns the toughest sorts into cry babies. And by cry babies, I’m only referencing myself here, kvetching about some wrist pain. I know so many other folks, even right here on fluther have got it so much worse! I retain some perspective on my own situation. I’m trying to get though this, in the least silly fashion, but I have certain failures and I know it. :D

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Okay, so your move is to go to a doctor and say you want a referral to an OT and a hand specialist. Then ask if you can have some pain meds. Then follow through with the referrals.

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Really, your age is working against you in the eyes of the doctors. I happen to be just studying this right now and there is no real toxic danger level for pure narcotics but there is a high addiction level.
For people in chronic pain, the addiction isn’t to the high, it’s to the “no pain” feeling. No doctor now wants to subject a young patient to a life of addiction. Healthy adults can, and do, die from overdosing on Tylenol because they want to end the pain. It only takes 11 regular tylenol to shut down the whole system. Doctors can not be sued if their patients od on tylenol but they can be sued for causing a narcotic addiction.

I hope you can find a non narcotic that works for you.

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