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I can't figure out how to open the spray paint can lid! Help?

Asked by lifeflame (5912points) January 5th, 2012

This is a zynolyte enamel spray paint can, and I can’t get the lid off.
There are two indentations (see image), but I’ve pressed and tried to pull up, but they don’t seem to work. Is there a secret trick ? I thought it would just be a pull and twist thing.

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Squeeze both sides at the same time and pull up. When that doesn’t work for me I pry it off with a screw driver.

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I loled, then I was like, nah it;s something special, then I loled because it has an american flag on it.

Just wjat @chyna said, thats a little locking mechanism. One thing, DON’T USE A HAMMER to open it.

Bad things would happen.

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I squeezed and pulled, with no avail… :(
I have a feeling I’d rip the lid with the screwdriver…

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@lifeflame Not a huge deal, it won’t go bad, just clear the nozzle after using it with a damp rag and it can sit there.

Possibly squeeze them, and twist.

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Squeezing, twisting, prying. Damn. no good. stupid design…
I’m tempted to bring it back to the shop and get another one. Not all spray can lids are this challenging, right?

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Did the can come with instructions? There may be instructions on how to open it. Or you could ask someone at the store where you bought it how to open it. They might possibly know.

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Lots of instructions on surface preparation, spraying and disposal. None on how to get the lid off. Has anyone used this brand before?

@WestRiverrat – must get in touch with my inner child…

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I tried to touch my inner child but was called a pedophile :(

What is the brand of the paint?

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Nope, sorry.

But is that a hole on the top of the lid? Maybe a flathead screwdriver or some small tool would fit inside and you could pull up on the lid?

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Brand is called “zynolyte spay paint”; no hole on top.
Called the arts supplies shop just now, but the lady in charge did not seem very knowledgeable or was able to give me enlightening advice…

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Can you put it aside for a while and do something else? Maybe if you come back to it in an hour you will be less frustrated and it will be easier.

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@lifeflame Hmm, this question is the only result, kinda sounds like a cheap no-name brang. You guys have rustoleum?

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HA HA… combination of brute force with spoon handle and pressing worked!
Thanks, jellies… here’s looking at you

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