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When someone is in a coma, what are they experiencing?

Asked by Trustinglife (6638points) May 19th, 2008

Do they remember what they experienced when they wake up?

You don’t have to have been in a coma to answer this question. And if you are in a coma currently, please do not answer this question.

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I would think there would be different experiences depending on how bad their condition is. Right?

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According to reports of people who have recovered from comas, their experiences vary from no memory of the coma at all to spiritual experiences that change their feelings about death. Here is an article that recounts some people’s experiences:

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Well a coma is your body going into a sort of ‘shutdown mode’, its like the Blue Screen of Death for your brain so I would expect that there isn’t a whole heap of brain activity in a majority of patients which means that they would experience very little whilst in the coma.

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@Marina, that article was incredibly inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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@Trustinglife Gald you liked it. I agree. I think I might call that man if he is still practicing if someone I loved slipped into a coma. Also, I was very struck by how the people, some still quite damaged after they came out of the comas, still embraced life and did not bemoan their fate.

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They create a separate life for themselves how they want it to be. Like in My Name Is Earl.

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I believe some have an out of body experience, I’m saying this because my uncle was in a coma for a month after his accident – he’s not quite the same I tell ya’ but he has claimed to go to heaven and saw loved ones who died a long time ago. But as for my experience watching him in the hospital, it must have been devastating you see when the brain shuts down -one hallucinates and all kinds of things-out of control because the person is fighting to survive it all. Its very hard

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