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Why would you bother airing a movie on tv that had been edited so much?

Asked by AshlynM (10064points) January 5th, 2012

For ex:

The movie, Vacation. The tv version has “My science teacher says I’m the best at it.” When the original line is, “My daddy says I’m the best at it.” This is in reference to Vicky french kissing. I can understand why some people might be offended by the original line, but when you know what the line is, and it’s been changed deliberately, it just doesn’t have the same effect.

Also a Resident Evil movie had motherfkr as the original swear word. Instead they used motivator.

Also, this goes the same for songs on the radio. In some cases, ass is bleeped out. But bytch is still kept. Or it’s the b word that’s left out and ass is kept.

Why air a movie on a channel that doesn’t allow swearing or other offensive statements? Why bother playing a song that’s been edited so much?

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I’ve always found this to be silly, too. But, I’m not a huge fan of censorship, in the first place.

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I would probably secretly switch the censored version with the original just before airing.
In case of anime, I would secretly replace the dubbed version with a subtitled japanese version.

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I remember watching Blazing Saddles with a friend several years ago. It was like a completely different movie! He and I began saying the original lines, and found ourselves talking more than they were on the film.
Sure, the film is offensive, but if they can’t show it right, they should just wait till after 10pm, when all the parents are asleep and the kids, who don’t know the movie, can enjoy it in ignorance.

sorry about the “Up yours, nigger!”

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Really, I am tired of these monkey biting censors!

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No, I can’t stand edited movies. If it’s too offensive to watch in front of my kids then I just watch it later.

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