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How does one manage bangs?

Asked by Sunny2 (18817points) January 5th, 2012

I was watching a newscaster who had bangs hanging over her forehead and into the top of her eyelashes. I knew high school boys who wore their hair like that and would toss their heads to get the hair out of their eyes. I think I would find hair in my eyes distracting and annoying. How do those with this hair style manage it?

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I just cut my bangs on a regular basis, when they get too long. No problem. It’s no less of a hassle than shaving your legs or your pits.

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Brush them off to the side(s). No problem with them getting into eyes.

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@Kardamom I think the person in question likes them that way, brushing the ends of her eyelashes.
@King_Pariah They swoop down from her forehead to the right side of her face.

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Mine are past the point of being the “blunt” bangs they once were and now just sweep off to the side, but they still cover most of my forehead. I wear glasses too and I think that helps but I really don’t find it to be annoying at all, they just have to dry with the right curve (which glasses make happen) and they never get it my eyes once.

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For me, I regularly trim them to keep them out of my eyes, but I know what you’re talking about. Younger people, especially, seem to like them longer. I don’t know how they can stand it, personally!

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This is quite good. It is a bit tedius because she doesn’t edit or fast forward nearly enough during her work and she does it as she is talking and explaining… (part 1 (part 2

I like how she doesn’t fight the natural way the hair wants to go and she has them leaning to one side. It suits the way her hair is growing.

I have been cutting mine again. I grew them out and didn’t have them for about 7 years, but without the money for botox, bangs were a cheaper option for the creases in my forehead. ;o)

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My bangs are trimmed for free whenever I want to walk into the place that gives my regular overall haircut. I go a few times a month for the bangs and change the shape as I get bored.

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@deni I think you gave me the clue to the answer in the case of the newscaster I mentioned. I’ve seen her wear glasses! I’ll bet she wears glasses most of the time and takes them off for the broadcast. The minutes long she’s on air, she can ignore the nuisance it must be.

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I also noticed today that her hair was obviously heavily sprayed and couldn’t move. My curiosity has been satisfied. Thanks all, for responding.

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