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I might get a manicure soon. What should I expect?

Asked by AnonymousWoman (6528points) January 5th, 2012

I am not normally interested in manicures, but this woman I met at school when we were younger would like to give me one. I agreed (for the experience of it). What shape should my nails be in? Does it matter?

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Hmmm..what shape should they be in when you sit down with her? Clean is all I can think of :)

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These days you get to choose a shape :) oval or square. Why not go for one of the sexy dark polishes. Even black!

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Manicures are lots of fun. It doesn’t really matter so much what condition or shape your nails are in when you go to your appointment. If you have nail polish on your nails already then it’s best to take it off before your appointment, but they’ll do it for you if you forget. They will do all of the shaping and grooming for you.

It doesn’t really matter how long your nails are, but if you are thinking you want a French manicure (the one with the white tips) then it’s best to keep a little bit of length. But again, it’s all up to you, and they’ll work with whatever you have!

They will likely file your nails into the shape that coincides with your nail bed shape. So if you have an oval nail bed, likely you will get an oval file. If you have a square nail bed, you may get a square file. But it’s just a matter of preference!

Have fun!! It’s a fun little treat every now and then :) :)

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My manicurist told me she wishes people would not trim or file their nails before an appointment because they mess it up and don’t leave her enough to work with. Go with whatever you’ve got. You can choose the length and shape you want or just ask what she recommends.

Expect to have your old polish (if any) removed and your cuticles groomed. You’ll probably have to soak your fingertips in warm water. If you get the works, it’ll probably include a steaming towel and a lovely massage of your hands and forearms. Different manicurists have different routines, but the general procedure is about the same.

You can choose from available nail polish colors or take your own. I take my own (which I buy at a beauty supply shop) so I can touch it up if it gets chipped between appointments.

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I suspect your nail polish might be better quality than the polish they use in the salon too. I haven’t had many manicures (two!) but my nails chipped very quickly. @Jeruba‘s advice is excellent and I will be adopting that myself next time I go.

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I’m with @FutureMemory. Make sure your nails are clean, just out of common courtesy for the manicurist. Otherwise, it really doesn’t matter. They’ll file your nails, polish them, and maybe even give you a nice hand and forearm massage :)

I went for the first time this past summer, as a maid-of-honour gift the day before my sister’s wedding. It was lovely, but I wouldn’t pay to have it done unless I had a ton of disposable income.

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@Bellatrix, I had the polish chip right away one time after I’d been to a salon in a small town I was visiting. I think it had to do with the order and thoroughness of steps in that case; I don’t believe the lotion from the massage was fully removed, and so the polish didn’t go onto clean, dry nails. That was only my second or third manicure, and I did it as a vacation luxury, so I didn’t really know anything. Usually it stays nice for two weeks, with just the occasional chip caused by my clumsiness. That’s why I like to be able to touch it up.

My favorite brand—China Glaze—is the same as one of those that the salon offers.

I pay $22 for a manicure, plus tip, at a city salon, and $12 for just a nail polish change. It was half that in the little town 40 miles from here. It’s an unnecessary indulgence, to be sure, but not overly extravagant.

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