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What's your personal narrative?

Asked by nikipedia (27449points) January 5th, 2012

What’s your story of how you see yourself? What do you believe to be inalienably true about yourself?

Do you think your personal narrative is accurate?

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The first and main question is too big to answer here; best addressed in a biography or a long text sometime in the future.

Parts I believe to be true, that from a young age I seem to have been an independent thinker. Making decisions on my own, based on at least some kind of reasoning. Of course starting out from the basic. How early it started, according to my mom when I was 5. Is that necessarily true, or anything? Not completely, but not completely false either. I think almost everything can be thought of as probability percentages. 60% true of being X (independent thinker) 40% other. But that’s another discussion.

No, I don’t think my or anyone’s narrative to be accurate. And given memory and recollection is a re-constructive process it’s subject to continuous alteration. That said, there is a of wealth of information spurting out of each narrative, regardless of accuracy pertaining to the question, topic or frame. In other words, there are reasons someone thinks a certain way and portrays themselves similarly in their own narrative.

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I’m a survivor of childhood trauma. I’m a deeply flawed person, but am ok with my flaws. Very honest and mostly kind. Pretty bright, but no genius. A masterful procrastinator. Not terribly healthy, physically or mentally, but doing the best I can. Not your average mom, but a fairly good one, I think.

I’m pretty sure all of that is true, except maybe the last one. All parents probably think we’re good parents, but really, it’s our kids who are the best judges of that (after they’re grown up).

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I’m a person that is just living. I’ll do what I can to find opportunities and work to have a decent future. Yes, this is accurate, because it just is. Lol.

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I’ve lost faith in the whole premise of personal narrative. I have indulged in it plenty at various points, but now it all looks like just so much BS, and an unnecessary hindrance to being what I need to be right now.

Life has been one unexpected turn after another. The universe takes no account whatsoever of my story; it just unfolds according to its own nature. I can either flow with that unfolding by remaining supple and traveling light, or I can imagine myself as the protagonist of my story forging my own trajectory, but I can’t do both. Having sampled both approaches, I find that disappearing into the flow feels far more genuine.

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