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I am trying to watch Netflix on my laptop. It stutters and stops.

Asked by trailsillustrated (16789points) January 5th, 2012

Everything on You Tube plays fine. Is there a way to get Netflix to play better? What can I do to fix this? Thanks all…

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Not enough memory? Maybe the YouTube files are smaller.

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Shut down every single program you don’t absolutely need to have running. Make sure you only have the one browser tab open.

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Having other programs open and running in the background may have an effect on movies playing in Netflix. Close any program you absolutely do not need running while watching your movie.

Perhaps you have an older version of a web browser Netflix doesn’t support. Not all web browsers are equal when it comes to Netflix.

Try downloading the latest version of the web browser it DOES support and play your movie again.

Netflix uses a Silverlight based player to stream the movies on their website. They may have updated it and as a result, it may not work properly on your computer.

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In addition to the excellent suggestions above, check your internet connection speed. You may need an upgrade.

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What resolution are you trying to play anyways? Youtube videos are generally fairly lo-res and don’t demand nearly as much from your internet connection, CPU, or GPU. Note that, compared to a desktop, most laptops have weak CPUs and GPUs anyways, often comparable to a desktop 3–5 years old. I have this issue on my laptop sometimes even though my desktop does just fine, and that is why.

Do you have the same issues with a desktop PC on the same connection? How about trying the laptop from a different connection?

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I played in on google chrome and it worked okayish. Thanks all

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