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What is Satan's last name?

Asked by BeccaBoo (2725points) January 6th, 2012

….and if you don’t know, then what would it be!

What fitting and outrageous name could you give him.

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Mr. Satan Beelzebub-Lucifer?!?!?!!?!

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Satan is like Bono or Cher. So famous in his own right that no last name is necessary.

After all, God doesn’t have a last name and people seem to refer to him all the time. Satan figures he’s at least as well known as God.

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I read it Santa..

I’d say Satan should be called ‘Satan’s-fault’. Since everyone seems to blame everything sinful they do on Satan. It’s Satan’s-fault.

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Satan Slittlehellpup

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It is Claus. Yes, he is Santa’s evil brother.

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Hmm.. Satan Claus. I like it.

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@Luiveton – but he’s second fiddle to Santa, which makes him a subordinate Claus.

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satan and santa once were the same being, then they split into one good being and one evil being. satan is the good half.

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Surnames did not come into common usage until the Norman era.

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So you think his Christian and surnames got mixed up, @marinelife? Maybe his name is Norman Satan, then.

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@CWOTUS Since Satan is a lot older than Norman times, I don’t think he had one!

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Long story.

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Satan A. Christ

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Satan has no last name, just like God, Madonna and Cher.

That being said, if I were to create a last name for him, I would be silly with the old legend of satanic messages being heard in lyrics played backwards, and give him the last name of Natas.

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Satan Natas. Watch out! He’ll get you coming or going.

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Stanoukulous. My ex-husband’s last name changed slightly

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Witness and weep then, as the war flags die in the diseased winds! All they may herald to the dawn now, are the fallen bodies of those who would have cried glory, once in name and twice in drink. The skies now snow their ash, the grounds freeze with blood, may you drink from the fountain of damnation, and forever chastise salvation! For the cycle of hatred is eternal, all else but the dying born. Speak thy will and carry it forth, speak thy truth and see then, that no devil or god can cleave thy rusten shield from the ghostly sword!

Sorry. Just bein all goth anshit. Satan’s last name is probbaly something like, Elastoplast. Or MacDick’s.

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Eh, When I think of the devil I think of a guy with a terrific sense of humor who likes to mess around. Someone who is bad but you probably wouldn’t mind being around cuz he’s so bad he’s cool. So with all due respect to his Evilness, I dub him McLovin

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@King_Pariah Hah, yeah. I always figured that Satan was just this guy who likes to stay up late, have a couple of drinks with good friends and enjoys good folk music.

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