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How often do you find yourself laughing?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25918points) January 6th, 2012

Some say laughter benefits humans aplenty. It kicks away stress which improves your blood pressure, makes you attractive, lovable and fun to be with. Generally, it promotes a sense of well being and happiness.

So how often do you laugh? If you feel you are not doing it enough, do you feel bad about that? How much laughter do you think a human being should have in his or her life?

How could people laugh more often without trying too hard? And are there people out there who never laugh at all? Do you find it inappropriate when people laugh at their own miseries?

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Everyday, honestly.

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I try to laugh every day.

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I do laugh every day. My husband is a funny guy. I feel like I need more laughter in my life, though. I remember a time when it was even more plentiful, and those were good times.

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Yes, daily. I’m all about humor, it is truly the best medicine and is also a hallmark of a pretty well adjusted person, especially being able to laugh at yourself.
The other day my daughter & her BF dropped over to shower because their water was turned off for some building repairs in their apt. complex.
She had been using my blowdryer in the bathroom when, all of a sudden her BF and I hear her saying ” Oh no….aaaaaagh, aaaagh, aaagh…..”
We heard a hissing sound that sounded like steam escaping and wondered if she burned herself with the steam flat iron, we went running to the bathroom.

Turns out she had dropped my blowdryer into the basket I keep it in under the bathroom counter and the physics were just right to set off a crisis situation. lol
The blow dryer knocked the cap off a large can of hairspray and depressed the nozzle so a geyser of hairspray was shooting straight up into the air about 3 feet. lolol
It was a disaster!
Everything was sticky! haha

We carried on about that for about 5 minutes, mimicking her distress sounds, what we were thinking from the other room, waiting for her to actually SAY what the problem was instead of this feeble little ” aaaaaah, aaagh!” lol

I especially love irony, like the day I was driving home from my mechanic after having a complete safety check on my car, only to have one of the windshield wipers fly off on the highway in a driving rainstorm. Classic!

I’m a story teller and closet writer and can find humor in just about everything. ;-)

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Every day, several times and often at myself. I really don’t think about it being a special thing, it’s just always been part of who I am- I’m the family clown.

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All the effing time. Whether it’s my kitties, Mr. Fiance, TV, books, or my Jellies that make me laugh, I laugh all the time. Even when I’m stressed and exhausted, I laugh at how ridiculous I feel.

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@Coloma Thanks for my first laugh of this day! I’m thankful I can say I laugh every day. It doesn’t take much to set me off.

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My pleasure! ;-D

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Very often. I need to laugh or I physically don’t feel well. If I’m having a bad day, I will search out something to make me laugh for a bit or I’ll create some sort of hilarity on my own.

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I laugha lot, I laugh at myself, I laugh when I am nervous, I have laughed at inappropriate times just because I didn’t know what else to do. I am a relatively happy person and I have always enjoyed laughing over frowning .

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