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Do you think quitting caffeine is a good idea?

Asked by Vicseay (52points) May 19th, 2008

If so…why? How?

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I quit coffee and energy drinks and switched to green tea, which I have really grown to love. Now I suffer less anxiety, mood/energy crashes, and stomach problems, but I still get a subtle lift and a lot more anti-oxidants.

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Yes, no caffeine is certainly better than some.

I commend you on striving to take better care of yourself, regarless of what the masses define as socially acceptable.


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It may be a bit much to dump the caffeine and change your eating habits at the same time. If you do go that route, go gradual, because caffeine is a physical addiction albeit mild. Start with 1/2 caff 1/2 decaff. The cut back to 3/4 decaff for a week, and then decaf.

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Take this Quiz to see how much you really know about caffiene. The answers contain a lot of helpful information.

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