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What does iOS do better than Android?

Asked by Rickover (110points) January 6th, 2012

Most people say the iPhone is easyer to use and is better.
I played with many iPhones, including the 4s and I can’t figure out how it is better than my Galaxy Nexus on the software side. Android 4 gives you much more control over the phone.

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6 of one, ½ dozen of the other. Depends on what you want. I didn’t need “control” over my phone. I wanted ease of use, so I went with iOS. Also, there are more apps for iOS, but Android is catching up.

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Ok then tell me please what is easyer to use at iOS.

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Not having to manage/kill tasks at all in iOS is easier than having to download a task manager and then monitor tasks all the time in Android.

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Downloading and using genuine, bona-fide, curated apps for iOS that work is easier than worrying about pirated, bootlegged, or otherwise malicious apps from Google’s Android app store or any of the alternative stores.

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Knowing the iOS device I just bought will certainly get the next operating system upgrade is easier than being abandoned by the carrier and OEM to fend for myself with my new – and instantly obsolete – Android device.

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Robmandu, I assure you that my gnex will certainly receive the next version of android. There is plenty of free good antivirus software on the market. Android manages apps too. If it is required it will close background apps. Or i can close them myself with just a swipe,easyer than pressing that tiny x button on iphone.

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@Rickover, not sure why you’re trying to start an iOS vs. Android battle here, but okay…

I’m glad your “gnex” (whatever that is) is guaranteed to get Ice Cream Sandwich, but as many Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab customers found out recently, Samsung isn’t planning on providing updates to ICS for them when that’s what was promised (recently come under reconsideration).

And I’m glad you’ve got some good, free antivirus on your “gnex”. You know what’s on my iPhone? None of that shiznit. And having none of that, nay, needing none of that, is far easier.

And as far as closing down apps, what’s better than not needing to at all? I guess if you like the swipe over the little X, that’s great, but hardly reason enough on which to choose which phone to spend $$$ money, lockin to a 2 year contract, and commit to an app ecosystem on.

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The multitasking on android is only cosmetically different than on iOS.
Yes, I admit that Android is fragmented, but iPhones can handle only one major software upgrade, like most android phones. ex: the iPhone 3g runns iOS 4 like total crap.
As for the antivirus, the iPhone doesn’t need one because the App Store contains only verified apps. On the iPhone you can install apps only from the app store if it’s not jailbroken, so you don’t get all the full apps for free like on android. For android there roms for most important phones if there are no official updates, but that wouldn’t be the easiest thing to do.

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I have to admit I find Android devices much easier to use than iOS ones. I’ve used a few different iOS devices (running different versions too), and on the whole, they’re definitely smoother running (previous gen Android tablets, I’m looking at you) but as far as my HTC Desire goes, I’d take that over an iPhone any day. It just works better for me I guess.

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As I said, it’s a matter of preference. Just go to a store and see what works better for you. I personally found iOS easier to use than Android, but I’m an old man and it’s not THAT much easier.

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I’m a rocket scientist, and I could not figure out some of the Android UI’s at the Sprint store. I’m an old dude too (17 days younger than Rarebear, though). I just want my smartphone to work properly. So I dumped Sprint and went with an AT&T iPhone 4S. The “multitasking” is kind of lame vs my old WebOS Palm Pre, but the hardware and software work together very smoothly. Plenty of high quality apps available too. So far so good.

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Smooth interface… direct integration to all other hardware (iPad, Mac), sync with my iCloud-Account… something “for the eyes”, works more stable than android (had have a few weeks an Archis Tablet). APPLE. :)

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Some people like apples, some people like oranges, and some don’t like either.

It depends a lot on what you want out of your phone. Since my phone also doubles as my iPod, well, It is superior in the sense that it basically is an iPod on steroids, syncs easily, iClouds easily, works the exact same way as my previous itouch, etc. Can’t believe no one said that before. I also love the double tap home function that allows me to seamlessly switch between one app and the next, play/pause or skip music. Also the one touch camera and/or music controls from lock screeen is super convenient (double tap on screen off/screen lock).
Lastly, Siri. Now THAT enables some serious multitasking and ease of use And I know the voice recognition on android is nowhere approaching it. Siri is the best in the world that the public can get their hands on.

Never had an android so I don’t know if it can do those things as seamless and easily, but I doubt it could get much easier. And we haven’t even touched the hardware benefits.

Sent from my iPhone 4s.

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iOS locks you in better than Android.

As the posts above demonstrate, it also has a mysterious effect where it turns otherwise rational people into fanbois.

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