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What laws do you want to change?

Asked by reijinni (6847points) January 6th, 2012

ex: right-to-work, voter ID, marriage laws, church tax laws, zoning regulations, piracy, privacy.

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Carpool lanes for “two licensed drivers” instead of “two occupants”. A lady and her three year old kid are not carpooling.
Churches pay taxes.

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No more unlimited campaign contributions. Why not just cap it, forcing people to choose candidates on ideology alone. Although they lie out of their asses, it’s better than rich people choosing them.

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I want the Patriot Act killed. Giving the law enforcement arm of the Federal Government the right to imprison US citizens indefinitely without any charges, without any dure process or rights to a trial or hearing of any kind, is as far from Patriotism as humanity can get. Calling it the Patriot Act is pure Newspeak. Sooner or later, some president will come along who wants to use this power is jail political opponents and seize dictatorial control. It’s a ticking time bomb waiting to blow up liberty and usher in authoritarian rule.

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I would go back to the restrictions on corporations giving to political campaigns.

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Kill Patriot Act
Kill the $50 million spent on abstinence programs which has all in all not done much.
Kill the stupid 4’9” California driving law.
Kill the California gay history K-12 class law/ roll it and other topics into a general Civil rights history class.

That’s all for now

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medical marijuana now in all states.

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The (so-called) dangerous dog laws. I don’t agree with banning an entire breed because of the stupidity of the humans at the other end of the lead. What I do believe in is harsher punishments for people that are irresponsible with their animals because 9 times out of 10 a dog attack is the fault of an irresponsible owner. I would also be happy to see dog liscencing brought back if it woukd act as a deterrent to those that just want a dog as a status symbol but I appreciate that this would be a difficult law police. I am in the ” deed not breed” camp.

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Outlaw corporations and the stock market. All businesses need to be owned by actual people who are accountable for their actions. And if they need to raise capital, they need to borrow from a lender, not issue “stock.”

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Legalize Cannabis and mushrooms. Eliminate Affirmative Action laws. Create federal legislation allowing gays/lesbians to legally marry by overriding state laws. There are legal consequences to being married so I don’t see this as a religious issue.

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@HungryGuy Oh my. You really are liberal. :-)

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@ETpro – Well, I used to be a hard-core Libertarian, but I’ve noticed that I’m gradually becoming more and more liberal. I see corporate power as the root of all that’s wrong with the modern world.

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@HungryGuy While I am an atheistic agnostic, I recognize that there is a great deal of wisdom and truth in the Bible. Jesus said that the root of ALL evil is the lust for mammon. Mammon is an Aramaic word meaning worldly things. So he was saying that the lust for money, power, sex, etc. is the root of all evil. It is apparent to me that’s true. Personally, I am relatively conservative on fiscal issues but liberal on social ones.

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When it comes to Government, I want the Gov OUT OF MY LIFE. Stop meddling with this and that. Keep a sort of hands off policy socially. Go ahead and regulate the economy, but socially just make sure that no one intrudes on the civil rights/liberties of anyone else, that is all I want them doing socially.

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@King_Pariah I have a great deal of sympathy for that sentiment. It certainly does not seem that the bulk of the Republican establishment or the Tea Party have any intention of going there, though. They are the polar opposite. They want to regulate every aspect of social issues, but leave Wall Street and big corporations free to rape and pillage any way they like.

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I want our prisons to contain only violent inmates.

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@ETpro – That characterizes me as well. I’m also liberal on social issues but conservative on fiscal issues.

But I don’t see my opposition to the existence of corporations as a liberal stance.

Corporations are an invention of government and exist only in the wording of the law. With the ability to, essentially, print money at will by issuing stock and not having to go through the same steps that a private business owner has to (applying for loans, growing the business, increasing sales, etc), corporations have become monsters. They control billions of dollars in capital and use that wealth to influence political leaders to their benefit but to the detriment of the people.

Require all businesses to be owned by someone, but otherwise allow free trade capitalism (with some consumer protections and safety nets), and I’ll be a happy camper :-)

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@HungryGuy Drat. I am sorry to hear that corporations are not people, as the Supreme Corporatocracy declared. I was so looking forward to the murder prosecution of the corporate raiders who use leveraged buyouts to extract all the capital from a company then leave it to die from the debt they accumulated buying it.

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Legalize marijuana, allow Gay and Lesbian marriage and adoption, cruelty to animals should have mandated severe jail time and known pedophiles, and child murders should spend the rest of their lives in jail.

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