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What is something you look forward to that most people whom you've come across feel the exact opposite about?

Asked by zensky (13357points) January 6th, 2012

For me it’s rain and winter.

Here, in the desert, the water is very, very welcome. I cannot stress how much the rain is required.

I, however, dread the cold and wet – I may have the whatchamacallits… cabin fever? Something like that…


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Hard work. The kind that makes me stink and sweat dark blood bone cracking muscle burn.

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With ya on that, Real.

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The holidays being over.

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Oh I can’t stand the holidays…

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Fall and winter, and I absolutely love rain (especially large thunderstorms) and snow! I also really dislike sunlight, which people constantly give me hell for.

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Love sunlight.

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I love the dentist. Getting my teeth cleaned is a wonderful feeling.

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Scouring the tub and the sinks.

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Organizing things and cleaning.

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Sign me up for Winter, too. I love the season.

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Love winter because it sends all the fair weather people indoors which quiets down neighbourhoofs and settles all in a blanket of quietude from rapper’s ravings, music blazing and motorcycles chasing.

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The sun.
We don’t have that much of it, generally, in the Netherlands, so you could see me moving my chair to follow it.
I just want to feel her as much as possible.
My girlfriend though, has plenty of it where she lives and rather avoids the sun.
She thinks it is funny that I always keep moving myself into position.

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Overcast skies.

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