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What is the best way to learn to knit cables?

Asked by SuperMouse (30772points) January 6th, 2012

I know how to knit and purl and I can follow a pattern, now I would like to take it up a notch and learn to knit cables. For those who know how, is it as tough as it seems? Are lessons necessary? A video? An instruction book? How would you recommend I learn?

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It is very, very easy. I was a beginner knitter and then I wanted to learn cables, and it is seriously cake. There’s nothing to it except bringing in a cable needle and knitting stitches every so often onto the third needle rather than the one you’re usually knitting on to. I made a cable headband, it was my first cable project, and you actually only had to use the cable needle every 6 rows I think, and it (obviously) resulted in a completely normal looking cable which totally blew my mind and fascinated me. But yeah, it’s really easy. No, you don’t need a book, or video, or lesson. :) The pattern I used just said “K3, P3, K3 onto cable needle…..”. And that was all there is to it.

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I learned to knit cables by watching videos.

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I found the best way to learn was to watch a good knitter. If there is a wool shop in your town or neighborhood, sign up for a 30 minute lesson.

Once you catch on, it’s easy. You park three needles on a separate needle, then you bring it to the back of the earlier three stitches, which makes the cable. Then you knit the.. find someone to watch.

Cables come in various sizes and complexities. A six-stitch cable is only one kind.

Or try the videos. It is a visual trick. The ones I have watched have had knitters who knit in both the traditional and the European way. Pick the one who holds the yarn the same way you do.

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It will also tell you whether to keep the cable needle in the front or back. I honestly don’t think you even need to watch videos like suggested above. Of course you can but I found it to be so simple that that was unnecessary. Plus the videos usually just confuse me more.

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Try searching for cable knitting instructions on youtube, they have dozens of tutorials! And really it is easy, you just knit onto a double ended needle, hold it front or back and knit off the same number of stitches onto your regular needle then knit the ones off the double ender and there you are, a cable, it’s magic!!!

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@SuperMouse, if I can do it, it isn’t that hard. I made my husband a jumper with a cable up the front and that ran around the neck. It really isn’t that hard. Give it a go. Start with something small so you feel confident.

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I am in the you can do it without a video camp. During the knitting era of my life I just followed the pattern and the instructions it gave, there was nothing tricky about it, the finished result looks impressive but it certainly was not hard to accomplish.

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