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Do you judge people who don't have completely straight teeth?

Asked by AnonymousWoman (6520points) January 6th, 2012

I don’t have completely straight teeth and I feel really self-conscious about it (especially when it comes to pictures that make it obvious).

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No I don’t :)

I went to the Gyno the other day and the doctor there had very crooked teeth. She was so helpful and nice, I didn’t care. I did notice her teeth but it didn’t make any difference. You can always fix that, no matter what.

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The condition of one’s teeth is one of the ways our culture enforces class bias. Whether people realize it consciously or not, they use the condition of someone’s teeth as one of several instant symbols of one’s social class. Poor people can’t afford cosmetic medicine, so they tend to have yellowish, imperfect teeth. So your teeth do in fact get you judged constantly. Anyone middle class or higher will regard you with contempt.

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@SmashTheState I remmeber reading that slaves, usually ones that were bought, had their teeth and gums checked out by potential ’‘slave owners’’. To see if the teeth were healthy or not. Damaged or neglected mouth hygiene was rejected on the grounds that slaves with bad tooth aches just can’t work. Messed up. :/

I can’t judge people by crooked teeth, because I got real badass crooked motherfuckers myself haha. I bet I could still bite through a train with them though. But nah, I don’t judge people by their teeth. Doesn’t define a person for me, personally.

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@SmashTheState , I agree with most of what you said, but I don’t think “anyone middle class or higher” will judge you.
I had crooked teeth when I met my husband. I used to cover my mouth when I smiled.
Getting them fixed made me way less self conscious.
My teeth never bothered me until a boy in high school confided to a friend that he broke up with me because of my teeth.

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@Judi That guy was an ass, then.

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^^ Agreed. Good thing he’s an ex. Your husband sounds way better. :)

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I used to have completely straight teeth, and I’m happy that now, the bottom teeth are ever so slightly crooked. It adds just a touch of character, as if I didn’t need that. :p

Plus I have a few British friends. ~

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My bottom teeth especially are very crooked. Luckily, when I smile you only see the top choppers, which are also crooked, but not as bad :)

I don’t really care though. I have way more important things to worry about.

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I like it. I’ve always thought it was attractive, not unattractive.

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Your teens will be over soon and you will realize that people care less.

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@Boogabooga1 Where did the OP indicate they were in their teens?

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In Japan it is considered fashionable to not have perfect teeth. So much so that they pay cosmetic dentists to have their perfect teeth made just a little crooked – a practice known as yaeba. (Google it for images of the look).

I get sick of looking at perfect fake smiles. If a smile is too white and too perfect, I think it lacks sincerity. At least that is my story, and I’m sticking to it! ;-p

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Hey. :\
I have what is typically viewed as that “perfect” smile, and it is not insincere.

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Judge? Oh no, I’m not gonna go molarizing, err, moralizing based on teeth. : ]

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I certainly don’t. I know many people who have gay/lesbian teeth and they have beautiful smiles. ;-p

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No, but I do wonder about people who have a dirty mouth. Crooked and clean is fine by me.

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No, sometimes it’s attractive. Now, very yellow or missing teeth….....

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Who the hell am I to make fun of genetics? I have never actually looked at somebody’s teeth and thought ” oh, they can’t take care of themselves.” Teeth are teeth and we all need them to eat, so it doesn’t matter if their unbelievably white, straight as a board, day glow yellow and as crooked as a nail.

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