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Are gas prices affecting your vacation plans?

Asked by marinelife (62440points) May 19th, 2008

We’re taking a deep breath and going on a road trip this summer anyway. After all, it’s still cheaper than Europe. Will you take a driving vacation in 2008? If not, would you have if gas had not skyrocketed in price?

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The gas prices won’t affect my summer plans. I’m taking a two week trip to Ensenada, Mexico this summer with one of my friends and we’re driving there and back. We’re from Davis, California so the drive is about 12 hours one way.
Filling our tank up is going to suck (especially once we get to SoCal), but the vacation is going to be a blast!!

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We are still going, but we won’t be able to do as much as we could before gas prices got so high. We just bought a motorhome on Friday, and we got a smaller one than we planned on getting. This coming weekend, our maiden journey in it will be closer to home than we wanted it to be…sigh!

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Yes airfare has gone up and when you multiply that by my family of five. Airlines tickets to Hawaii it is alot. Like at least $1500 more.

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yes, driving was cheaper. Now all this calculating has to take place to see if we are saving money by flying or not. Annoying

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No vacation here, but I live in the Pacific Northwest so I don’t need one. Neener neener.

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@susanc I have lived there many years of my life. Sure you do. You need a winter sun break! Admittedly, you are now coming into prime time.

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My friends and I are going to a wedding in Mammoth, CA and doing some camping ahead of time. Normally we probably would have taken two cars with all the camping gear, fancy dresses and all…......... now we’re gonna squish into one car. Partly cuz we’re enviros, but also because of gas prices. I think it’s great though. People should be coming up with ways to drive less and car pool, so let the price keep rising!

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