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Can anyone help me decide what sort of optics to buy?

Asked by CaptainHarley (22429points) January 7th, 2012

I need help picking out either a good pair of binoculors or a good scope for my Ruger, Mini-14, which already has a pickitinny rail installed. I need the binoculars strong enough to make out details at ABOUT a mile, If you recommend a scope instead of binoculors, it should be effective out to about 500 yards. I wish I could say that price is no object, but I have a limit up to about $350, or perhaps a bit more.

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I have a Ruger 10–22. I bought a 3X9 power scope for it. It might be a Leuopold. I’ll check. The scope was more than the rifle, but it was more than worth it.

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Do you have any idea how to interpret the “3×9” designation?

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Yes I do. I thought 9 power was way too much for a .22. Give it a whirl.

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LOL! I was asking if YOU know because I don’t! : )

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Oh, sorry. 3X9 means it goes from 3 times magnification up to 9 times magnification.I can hit a quarter at fifty fert.

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