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How come the government doesn't force car makers to govern cars?

Asked by buster (10239points) May 19th, 2008

Why are cars made to go faster than what is legal and safe. Most pickup trucks or minivans will go 100–110mph. Big speedometers have always tempted me to see how far i can push that needle . Fast cars tempt people to drive fast. Could it help things like traffic, air, soccer moms wanting to drag-race in front of walmart. Or is it terrible idea. “Im an american ill drive my car fast as i want and ill put as many bullets in the clip as i want!” Jerbis Bodank

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Somehow I don’t think the tag line, “A Top Speed of 65mph” would be all that enticing to consumers.

Don’t we already live in a world where more is more? A similar argument could be made for food portions. Do we really need to have that much food on a plate? Should the government step in and regulate food consumption and portions?

Really, it is about personal responsibility. Not only to yourself, but, more importantly, to your fellow man. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you should, or have the right to.

Good question by the way.

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Yeh but: when OPEC raised the price of oil significantly in the middle 70’s, Jimmy
Carter decided to lower all the speed limits. Suddenly people weren’t getting killed,
people were saving all kinds of money. Everyone liked it except maybe the trucking
companies, the gasoline companies, and idiot hot rodders. They raised the
speed limits after oil prices declined in response – and everyone started driving like
maniacs again.
It was better for more people when it was slower. It was not left up to personal responsibility. Everyone has to do it, for it to work. If I decided to slow down to 55 on my own recognizance, I’d get run over.
Someone has to levy these rules from the top down.

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