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Has there ever been a drama king in your life?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43076points) January 7th, 2012

King. Not Queen. King. With a ‘K.’

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My brother.

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My ex. He was such a baby about everything and whined too. He would make the biggest deals about nothing. From what I hear he still does.

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One of the neighborhood kids with whom I grew up couldn’t go ten seconds without drama. He’s apparently still like that, but I don’t have to see him anymore.

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Hmmmm. And the word “bitching” goes both ways, too.!?

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An exboyfriend of mine I guess would qualify. He would be the only one I can think of. His behavior reminded me of a tamper tantrumming 2 year old.

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No. As soon as I recognized it, I’d be out of there. Can’t waste time.

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No offense, but a few gay males come to mind immediately.

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Yes. Most certainly, and he can some how turn EVERY situation into something about him. It is amazing. He wrote a note to his work once explaining something and included, a phrase like, ‘this is so that you and those who deal with me can make things easier for me on an everyday basis.’ I could NOT believe it. Who would want to work with that?

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Why is it that only the women get labeled with all the stereotypes, like “Drama Queen,” “Bad with money” “Air head” “Dumb blond” “Women drivers!”, and get accused of “Bitching” when we’re upset when, in my experience, men deserve those types of labels as much if not MORE than men. Why are we the only ones labeled?

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Is this based on the book by Dalma Heyn?

I have had plenty of drama kings. My dad, my son’s biological father, my ex husband. I unfortunately have been attracted too often to drama kings or emotionally distant people. Ugh- that has to change!

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@linguaphile Hm. I hadn’t heard of that book!

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@Dutchess_III If I had to choose one gender or the other, I would say more women are destracted when driving (not to be confused with very young men who are much too aggressive when driving and more accident prone) tend to be more dramatic, more emotional, and more likely to be bitchy. Women also are more likely to overcomplicate situations, because we worry too much about the emotions involved in the scenerio, and get offended more easily than men and take things more personally than men. Now, I am not saying women win by a landslide on all these counts, but I do think the scales tip in that direction. If I sit here I can name several women I know who are prima donnas, and only the one man I mentioned above. Are you saying you actually know more men than women?

Also, I think part of the labels came from men being the breadwinner for so much of history. Men would talk business and women might be clueless simply because they don’t have experience in that field. They were not stupid, but ignorant to the specific conversation and their conversation was about cooking and cleaning and getting their hair fixed. It was a set up of sorts. Also, when the man is bringing home all the money, the woman is the one doing the spending. Many times the men are very unaware of how much things cost, and so the women are perceived as spending all his money. I think there are many reasons the stereotypes are there.

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I don’t know of anyone who I consider a good driver, with the exception of my son. And I taught him how to drive!

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Why yes, I’m married to him. We have often joked about who is more drama, at least it’s something we’re aware of.

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@Dutchess_III I think the exclusivity of these labels is fading. People my age, for instance, seem to use “drama queen” freely for both men and women. Same for “dumb blond.” What we think of these labels in the first place is another question altogether, of course, but things do seem to be changing.

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I think you’re right @SavoirFaire. Hope so, anyway.

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Unfortunately about 75% of all guys that I ever knew, which is one of the reasons why I tend to be my own company these days. The old notion that this is gender related is just a myth from my own life experiences.

@Dutchess III Most girls that I knew were much better drivers than the guys that I knew. Also at the current place I just got a job at a few months ago the women operate the warehouse equipment much better than the guys do, but the guys tend to be more aggressive with their driving at get into more accidents.

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