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How common is my eye color?

Asked by RockerChick14 (951points) January 7th, 2012 from iPhone

My eyes always look black even in sunlight but when your extremely uncomfortably close to me you could see a extremely dark brown(almost black) color in my eyes.

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Well if they are brown then you have the most common color eyes in the world.
If they are black then you have the least common color eyes in the world.
You can find lot’s of information regarding eye color on the www.

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Genetically speaking, brown eyes are the most common of all. @Judochop is right on the money!

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My moms eyes are like that. She says everyone in her family has eyes like that.And trust me there’s a lot of family members haha. She thinks it is because they are pure Italian and they all came over from Italy. Maybe it depends on your nationality. Like if you are only one nationality and not mixed with any other?

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I think she means her specific shade of extremely dark brown.

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@SavoirFaire Yes I got that, I was saying that that is how my moms eyes are. They are black but when the sun hits them you think you see brown for a second

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That shade of brown of yours is fairly rare but I have seen less with grey irises

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@judochop Really, black is the least common eye color? I always thought green was. Interesting.

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