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What are good reasons to go into provincial politics in Alberta?

Asked by talljasperman (21875points) January 8th, 2012

I would like to know more about the process of entering provincial politics in Alberta from the volunteers perspective to the reasons one gets the nomination for a party.

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The reason a person enters politics in Alberta is to punish women, the poor, immigrants, minorities of all sorts, and anyone whose sexuality falls outside of missionary position once a week between a legally-married male and female couple. Another reason to enter politics in Alberta is to make sure there are vast, toxic tailings ponds to exterminate whatever wildlife hasn’t been dipped in crude oil and asphyxiated. The way you get a nomination from a party in Alberta is to be a white, wealthy, racist, sexist homophobe in a big cowboy hat. Reeling up to a homeless shelter drunk as a lord and screaming “GET A JOB!” while pitching pennies at the residents has traditionally been a good way to win elections in Alberta.

(Note to the enforcers from Fluther’s Ministry of Truth: Every word of this answer is factually correct.)

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A good reason to enter Albera politics might be to correct all the injustices @SmashTheState pointed out?

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As an Albertan I can see many of @SmashTheState‘s points. BUT there is a slight change happening. More people want our government to be responsible to the people first and multinational corporations last. We want a balance between industry and environment.

We elected the first Muslim mayor in our city so we can’t be that backward.

I’m originally from B.C. where governments were decimated when they were caught lying to the electorate. Where they just reversed the HST because they were lied to. I miss that Province.

Find a political party you identify with. I go to the Council of Canadians meetings because they seem to be one of the agencies who are keeping an eye on all the wheeling and dealing going on.

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