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Why do some people think its weird to be an Anglophile?

Asked by RockerChick14 (951points) January 8th, 2012 from iPhone
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I don’t have any bloody idea. Focking Wankers!

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English people think it’s a bit weird but at the same time quite flattering.

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Because it’s bizarre (and incorrect) to think that everything produced by one specific culture is wonderful, while simultaneously ignoring not only the less pleasant aspects of that culture but also the good aspects of every other culture in the world.

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As long as you don’t cop a fake accent, most people won’t think you’re too weird. If you DO decide to go the fake accent route, remember this:

1. Even if your accent is 100% authentic sounding, people around you KNOW that you were born in the hospital up the road. It annoys people when you suddenly have an artificial accent.

2. Most people who think that their accent sounds perfect have no idea how dreadful it actually is. Many people I know who think that they have the perfect English accent sound like they are choking on a bagel they swallowed whole.

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You know why they don’t make computers in England?

They couldn’t find a way to make them leak oil.

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@MrItty But who says anglophiles do that?

What is weird is the British Invasion of our culture with British actors littering our landscape and British hosts taking over our TVs

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@MrItty That’s what Anglophiles do? I thought it was just a fondness for many English things, not a blind worship of everything English and a blind hatred of everything else.

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Because the British are mean people who colonized a lot of people and that’s bad and you should feel ashamed and bad!

Just kidding (though I have heard that before). I agree with @marinelife and @Aethelflaed. I’m a bit of an anglophile in that I’m fascinated by mid-nineteenth and early twentieth century British history. It’s all very fascinating, especially their military history.

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No one has ever called me weird for being an Anglophile although plenty of people have called me weird for being a vegetarian.

Things I like about Britain and the Brits: most of their accents (the ones I’ve heard), their politeness, shorbread, The Beatles, the Yorkshire Dales, the old architecture, London, Charles Dicken’s books, Jane Austen books, a ploughman’s lunch, cheddar cheese, Julie Andrews, their flag, their pomp and circumstance and tradition, British history, Tower Bridge, pubs, Davy Jones, school uniforms, double decker buses, the tube, Harrods, Fortnum and Masons, afternoon tea with watercress sandwiches, the drink called a shandy, Alan Rickman, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, clotted cream, Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral, Ben Kingsley, Sherlock Holmes, Stonehenge, English toffee, wigs on legal professionals, Shakespeare, the fact that their culture inspired Austin Powers, Agatha Christie novels, Jersey and Hereford cows, double gloucester cheese, Charles Shaughnessy, James Herriot’s (aka James Alfred Wight) book series All Creatures Great and Small, Anthony Hopkins, Beatrix Potter, Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie, Patrick Stewart, tweed, The House of Elliot mini-series, Prince William, castles, British boys choir Libera, estate mansions, Judy Densch, Sarah Brightman, Scotland, tartan, 007, Emma Thompson, Winnie the Pooh author A.A. Milne, Petula Clark, and former British ice dance champions Torvill and Dean.

Nothing weird about any of that stuff : )

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I don’t know why. What do they say is weird about it? I recently moved from Scotland to England and English people seem to think that was a weird thing to do. I like it here, better than dreich Scotland. They seem to think I’ve moved in the wrong direction
have to call you on one if your entries @Kardamom, if you are an anglophile, it’s england you love. Though there isn’t a word for love of Scotland or indeed Britain, so I might let you off… Thanks for Ben kingsley though, been trying to remember his name since lunchtime

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Couldn’t tell you. But a definitely am one.

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@marinelife & @Aethelflaed No one would know you are an Anglophile unless you exhibited the traits I listed, and thus no one would be able to think you’re “weird”. Anyone who has people tell them they’re “weird” for being an Anglophile is obviously taking their “fondness” to the extreme.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I’ve had people tell me, that, too (about how I should be ashamed of enjoying British things, because they were clearly horrible people and if I had any decency at all, I’d spend my time celebrating the cultures of the colonized).

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@Aethelflaed, I think this is relevant.
And it’s not like the history of the colonized isn’t interesting on their own. Hell, Indian, Nepalese, and South African history is SUPER interesting. I just dont think there is anything inherently naughty about thinking the UK is neat. You can’t help what intrigues you.

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Put another way: it’s perfectly fine and normal to like things that are British. It is ridiculous, absurd, and ignorant to like things because they are British.

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@Stinley I hesitated to put those Scottish things on my list, for the reason you stated, but I just couldn’t help myself. I love lots of Scottish things too. I guess you could call me a U.K-ofile Hee Hee.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Your link doesn’t work (you included Fluther in the addy; try again).

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I just wanted to add that if you are a high school student, people generally think anything that isn’t the most broad of mainstream activities are something to be considered weird. Older people have mostly learned not to be so vocal about it.

Believe me, unless you are the most uncreative conformist on the planet, someone out there is going to think you are weird. Accept it and life will always be good to you. Be yourself and accept that weirdness is part of being human.

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