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Do you still believe "mom warnings" even when you know they aren't true?

Asked by Blueroses (18234points) January 8th, 2012

Don’t swim right after eating. You’ll get a cramp and DIE!

Has any child ever perished in this way? And how could a cramp be determined to be the cause of death?
I imagine the examining Dr. sadly shaking his head: “Stomach cramp, clearly. She should have waited an hour after that PB&J.”

Are there other mom-isms that stick in your mind as indisputable facts even when you know they can’t be true?

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Not any that I can think of off the top of my head, but I’ve been noticing recently how I now don’t do things my mum used to tell me off for doing / said were bad habits.
One example: dragging my heels as I walked; she’d tell me off for it a whole bunch when I was younger but I’m now concious of the fact that I don’t do it at all any more. I don’t know if this has “just happened” as I got older or if it’s due to her influence though.

But I was always told to wait a while before swimming too >_>

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I’ve dismissed the clean underwear warning and hospitals as a myth.

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M. No. I do remember my Mom telling me once that if I ever French kiss a boy I should just plan to go all the way because they get so excited. I was about 14 and thought that was dumb then, and I still think it’s dumb.

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Don’t cross your eyes. They’ll get stuck that way!

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I’m not blind, it hasn’t fallen off, and my palms are 100% hair free thank you very much.

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I believe that popping your knuckles will cause arthritis and will make your knuckles big. I believe if you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.

You mark my word, @Blondesjon, if you don’t wear glasses now; you will one day.

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Well actually people of all ages have had issues with cramps while swimming after eating. Ask any lifeguard.

As for me, my mom is always right!

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Nope, not that I can think of. There are bunches of mommy warnings floating around in my head, but they all seem valid to me, especially regarding health. My mom is pretty up on the science. There are some warnings she has given me that I don’t listen to, because I disagree with her paranoia, but that is not the question asked.

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Zip your jacket shut, otherwise you will catch a cold.
That was well meant (as are all those advices/warnings, I am sure) but really, it doesn’t make a difference (at least it hasn’t done in my case).
Basically I almost always don’t believe those ‘wisdoms’.

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Go to church on Sundays so I could be saved.

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My mom is still convinced you can catch colds from an open window or a/c blowing on the back of your head.

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Kissing gives you cavities.

Don’t paint your face or it will never come off(Traumatized me for ages and I was dreading to go to Halloween parties, unless if it was as a ghost with a sheet over my head).

If you hit your mother your hands will grow from out of your grave.

Ibuprofen helps against stomach aches.

Don’t read horror/dark themed books because you’ll end up believing them and will be forced to go to a madhouse. Same counts for having an over active imagination; that will drive you crazy.

Never raise a child with multiple languages, they will die or become seriously ill from the confusion it brings.

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@Bart19 LOL at the last one!

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@Bart19 Seriously about the languages???

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Hey ma look! all those years I wore my baseball cap in the house and I still have my hair!

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@Bart19 I have never heard “kissing gives you cavities”. I might keep that one in mind if I ever have a daughter.

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@YoKoolAid Not to be the house bubble-burster, but I have a few friends (including my brother) who wore baseball hats a lot, and they are actually balding where the visor meets the hat.

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I had an aunt who had arthritis. It was REALLY bad. Her fingers were all gnarled and twisted. :( I loved her. My then-13-year-old daughter asked what was wrong with her. Without thinking I blurted, “She had unprotected sex with the WRONG person!” I was aghast at myself, but hey….

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“Always wear clean underwear, in case your are in an auto accident”

“Don’t eat the turkey before its done, you’ll get worms”

“Always go back out the door you came in”

“If you leave the house and come back, be sure to sit on something and raise your feet off the floor”

“Make a wish, while traveling underneat a RR overpass with a train moving above you”

“If you and a friend say the same words at the same time, lock your pinky fingers together and say….what comes out of chimneys(smoke)and what is 2 plus 2(four). Then make a wish”

There are more.

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For good luck my kids would always hold their breath when passing a cemetery. One day as we were passing a random cemetery they held their breath…so I slowed down and pulled in! :) Heh!

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I can’t dismiss them, because once… a long time ago… I made an awful face… and it’s still stuck that way.

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My favorite advice from my mom was, “Always turn off the oven before martinis” I still think that’s good advice.

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@Dutchess_III Ummm, do you SEE that hideous face to the left of this comment?

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@sliceswiththings I’m pretty sure that has more to do with genetics than anything else

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No. However, I do agree with @Sunny2 ‘s mom, my own rule is ” No drinking wine while slicing and dicing. ” lol

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@Sunny2 @Coloma Yeah, but those actually have merit. I have a list of things like that.

Don’t leave the pot handle hanging off the edge of the stove.

Don’t put the crib near the venetian blinds.

Don’t cut the bagel towards your wrist.

Don’t lick the knife.

Don’t use something electrical near water.

Get out of the pool if you see lightening.

Stop eating so much if you want to lose weight. (ha, she just said this to me).

Wear layers to stay warm.

Don’t touch your face.

Watch where you are walking.

Look in the direction that the car is moving.

A middle part will make my nose look longer.

And on and on.

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@Dutchess_III and @sliceswiththings: Yes she actually believes this. Sad but true. One day, if I’m lucky, I will introduce her to her Dutch/English speaking grandkids and we’ll see who is right (If I ever see her, she is not a positive influence and taught me many senseless mum warnings).

Some more:

If you eat a seed, something will grow in your stomach.

If you don’t wash your hands after touching silly putty you’ll die.

Before thirteen you can’t use deodorant because it’s bad for you.

Watch television for too long and your eyes will become square.

Sucking your thumb makes your teeth go crooked.

Picking your nose and eating it fills your stomach with snot until you explode (That was my grandpa with his odd humour).

If you swallow gum it stays with you forever.

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@JLeslie Hah..some of these are coming back to me now.
@Bart19 You had a creative family, I didn’t know silly putty could kill you or that your eyes will become square from overdosing on TV and I especially like the pre-teen deodorant warning…..have you had any therapy, have you confronted your mother about these things and the damage they have done to you? lol

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