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What are some gender-neutral insults?

Asked by Brian1946 (27626points) January 8th, 2012

There are now discussions about gender-specific insults, so what are some insults that equally insult both genders, or neither one?

Please feel free to make up some of your own! ;-)

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In the Netherlands there is a strange ‘custom’ of insulting.
Women and men alike sometimes say about a woman: “Wat een raar mens….” (What a weird human).
“Human” being very gender neutral, of course, but still it is only used to judge (it is felt not as a judgement, more as an insult, by the insultee) women.
Very weird.

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Stoopid poopy head.

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Ladies Only night at The Lipstick Lounge.

Sign on the door stated “We check your age and ID as well as your gender. Be prepared to be searched”.

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Hahahahah what inspired this question?

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I like ” Have another donut”. Our neighbors to the North will get that one.

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Damn, all I had was “feeb”. You’re good at this AG!

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^^ Thanks. I thought of more, but maybe I should leave those for others. :)

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@AnonymousGirl Glad you’re out there swinging after your maid question.
I also like Dumb Fuck.

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Gee, I always thought a “dumb fuck” was someone who just didn’t talk during….

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Everyone’s got assholes and everyone can be one.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Wha-wha-what?? Do women poo too??

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Snot head.

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I made up an insult once, it’s “necropedo” and I think it would be just as offensive to both genders. Sure it would be harder for a woman to pull off, but it could be done.

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“Here’s your sign” (Blue Collar Comedy Tour)

And my stepdad’s favorite: You Poor Dumb Thing.

My mom uses “fucktard.”

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My high school physics teacher used to tell us we were worse than “retarded three year olds” and “unfit to use safety scissors”.

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“You….you… gender neutral dickhead”

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Dipshit, Fuckwad, and You don’t know shit from shinola, also come to mind

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What a turd.
Bastard child.

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@AmWiser : Don’t let KatawaGrey hear you use the “B” word as an insult!!! ;-)

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@JilltheTooth, Ooops! To late to edit.:p No harm intended, I was just answering the question.

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Hey, we love to kid people on that! One of the advantages…

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Bird brain.

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Jacksmack. AssMaster. Fucktard. Shitzilla. Heathen. Cocksmear. Turd Burglar. SpoonSack. Pile of diseased hobo entrails. Ordure. Shit Collector. Fuckface. Peasant. D├ębutant. Ass Cavity. Poser. Shit sucking shit sack. Ambulant vomit. Waste. Bum squeak. Jerk. Jerkass. Joke. Infidel. Commoner. Shitface.


@fundevogel Holy shit lol. Really? That teacher sounds badass lol. XD

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@Symbeline Holy Fuck. I bow to the Mistress of the Darkside.

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@Adirondackwannabe All those either come from The Angry Video Game Nerd or Dungeons and Dragons. I’m just pretty good at remembering shit, really.

ProTip; None of those come from the sources I said that they did. XD Almost.

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@Symbeline XD Turd burglar? I’m wondering why?

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@Adirondackwannabe I also heard Turd Wrangler once. That was pretty funny, but I couldn’t remmeber while making that post. I was Turdlirized. (sp?lawlz!)

Oh and also, calling someone a filthy animal has that classic feel to it.

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@Symbeline “Holy shit lol. Really? That teacher sounds badass lol. XD”

Yep. Some candyass kept whining to their parents about him who in turn whined to the administration who in turn told him to stop calling us “the worst students ever” and so on. He bitched about the administration and amended his criticism to, “the worst students I have ever seen” until he forgot and went back to his preferred ridicule. This happened twice.

He also threatened to assign a ten page paper on the reproduction system of the tsetse fly (and grade it for punctuation) to anyone that acknowledged the existence of another student during a exam. And yes, he did it. Our smartass salutatorian got himself assigned that one.

He would fit in quite well here.

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“Gender confused”

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@smilingheart1 ooo, that’s one of those, “I’m not technically an insult except I totally am” insults.

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