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What does V.E. stand for (see details)?

Asked by Seelix (14914points) January 8th, 2012

In several dedicatory letters I’ve read in Italian, mostly from the 18th century, I notice that the author uses the abbreviation V.E.

Here’s an excerpt from a letter dedicating Carlo Goldoni’s “La serva amorosa” to Francesco Albergati Capacelli:
“Questa mia commedia, che ha per titolo LA SERVA AMOROSA, ricorre alla protezione benignissima di V.E. perché nulla le manchi per esser fortunata”.

My instinct tells me it stands for “Vostra Eminenza” or something similar, but I’m really not sure.

Does anyone know?

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Your Excellency, Your Eminence. I believe you are correct.

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Obviously. after reading the ‘inside’ details, this has nothing to do with your definition, but V.E. has another meaning. VE Day in 1945 meant Victory in Europe.

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In engineering, it’s Value Engineering.

Also, wikipedia tells many other…um…what is opposite of abbreviations?...may be expansions.

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