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What's the best "natural" treatment for bph?

Asked by ymihr (7points) June 26th, 2007

i'm looking for ways to reduce the size of the prostate gland

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I have heard that tomato sauces and tomato paste are good preventions for prostate problems but, once developed, there are no doubt other suggestions. I would check out Bastyr University ( and see what articles they have on the subject. It is a school that trains nutritionists in Seattle. You can peruse their site and also maybe find a person to consult. I recently invited a nutritionist connected with Bastyr to my parent- infant class, and was impressed with her work, her research, and the breadth of her knowledge. She also had trained physicians in nutrition at the University of Washington--a subject most doctors don't get much exposure to. It is quite a radical-type place though--they really think carefully about food and health and the connection between the two.

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I would just like to add a second to that answer, and also reccomend Bastyr. I would also add a note that at first glance their website can appear "new-age-ie" per se, but it's really not. My experience has also been that they're a very quality and very well respected institution. So in other words don't get thrown off the scent. :)
also, you can check out this site for a list of things you can do in general, though most of them are again preventative:
(i think my favorite suggestion on there is number 7 - very aptly numbered as well) :-)

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