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I'm trying to get pictures from my old computer to my new computer.

Asked by cadetjoecool (218points) January 8th, 2012

Ok, so I’ve got a bunch of old family photos and documents on this really old computer I grew up on, and I want to transfer them onto a new computer.
Here’s some of it’s specs:

It’s running Version Windows 98 Second Edition 4.10.2222 (98SE).

It’s got a read only disk drive (which I haven’t been able get it to read anything yet).

A floppy disk drive (which we’ve never used because supposedly it doesn’t work, but I don’t know that for sure)

It’s got the old style mouse and keyboard ports which do work (I managed to find a mouse and keyboard that that fit the bill)

The RGB out (video) is working (I have it plugged into my TV)

It’s got two USB ports (I tried using a flash drive but couldn’t get any results)

two phone ports (It use to be connected to dial up, but we don’t have that anymore)

And then a few other ports such as mic, speakers, printer, joystick.

So that’s where I am, any ideas?

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Go to if internet works, it should install properly, and install it on the old and new machine, it’s fairly straightforward. Then you can use the file transfer to the new computer.

Another option is to isntall VNC which is like teamviewer, but only goes over the local area connection and will definitely install if teamviewer wont work.

You can also get an external hard drive adapter for around $20, and take the hard drive yout of the old one and plug it into your new one and copy the files off, the old hard drive would show up under my computer.

I’m sure it’s unlikely but if you are in Canada, specifically anywhere near saskatoon I could do it.

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Win98 doesn’t have full USB support, and really has little/no clue what a USB Flash drive is.

Personally, I have always just taken the old drive out of the old system, connected it to the IDE cables on the new computer, and gone that way. Often times, my old PC didn’t have the tech to handle anything tricky like external USB drives, and I didn’t feel like buying something that I would only use every few years like an external drive adapter.

A few screws, two cables, and when you get done you can just format the drive and be done with it. Odds are that any drive of that vintage is too small to be useful.

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One option is to send them via email.. Determine what you can send through you’re old computer then send the max through attachments.. You’re new computer will be able to pull them.. You can download these pics but if you have gmail, it will give you an option to either download (a hassle) or view.. Choose view then in the next screen (it will access the original size) right click and choose ‘save as’ then find you’re folder and transfer.. That simple. Of course it may take you a while according to how many you have, but it’s the easiest way.

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Are all hard drives compatible? Like how do I know when I plug the old drive into the new computer it won’t just get fried or corrupt or something?

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@cadetjoecool Yeah, just don’t put it on the same cable as your CD drive or it will slow it down. You also might only have SATA which means you will need a USB adapter.

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There are basically two types in use; SATA which takes a small cable, and IDE which takes a fat ribbon cable. Older computers only use IDE, and most newer computers can take either. There is no possibility of connecting the wrong cable, and they are keyed so that the correct cable can only go in one way; it won’t fit if you try plugging in backwards.

As for slowing down, it won’t slow down much; it should still only take a few minutes to transfer your files, then you can remove the drive.

Just be sure the computer is off when you attach/remove the drive since IDE is not “hot swappable”.

@XOIIO In my experience, most computers still use IDE for optical drives. They may only have one connector for them instead of two (mine is like that) but they usually still have both IDE and SATA.

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@jerv Wierd, I didn’t think anything moders would have IDE, even for the optical drive.

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