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Coke or pepsi?

Asked by shabakababa (2points) May 19th, 2008

which is better

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Of the two, so Pepsi, so much. Diet. The tingly action on the throat is awesome.

Nowadays, though, I drink Diet Rite cola, which uses Splenda rather than aspartame and has no caffeine and no sodium. It is sort of reminiscent of old-fashioned fountain sodas.

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I wouldn’t like to say which one is “better” since it’s a relative thing, but I prefer Coke.

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Either. It really doesn’t make a difference to me. Do they still sell RC? That soda is sooo sugary.

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@Allie Yes, they do sell RC.

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Marina: Wow, I need to find some of that. Thanks!

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Sierra mist

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coke, pepsi is much to carbonated I can hardly taste the cola because my nose and eyes are affected so bad by the bubbles

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Is it just me or does Pepsi have more bubbles than Coca-Cola?

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When I want the fizz, I go for Diet Pepsi. When, I want the taste, I go for Diet Coke or Coke Zero. If I had to pick one and stick with it, I would pick Coke Zero.

Ever since I switched to diet, I can’t really drink regular soda anymore. It seems too sweet.

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Pepsi over Classic Coke. New Coke over Pepsi. Jolt Cola over New Coke. Dr. Pepper over everything.

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Coke – but real Coke made with cane sugar, not the ‘80s high-fructose corn syrup version.

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@PupnTaco Ahhh, the joys of true Coke bottled in Georgia in my youth. So different from what it is today.

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Costco sells the real thing – Coke made in Mexico. :)

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Coke, but I’m beginning to like Coke Zero more. Pepsi tastes like syrup to me.

I have a feeling this is going to end up discussing drugs.

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@PupnTaco But does it give you the runs? :)

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coke, but diet coke is nasty. it doesnt taste sweet at all, just carbonated water.

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This thread is amking me thirsty! I’m going to get a glass of Pepsi. (That’s what we have in the fridge)

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Always Coca-Cola

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After drinking Diet Coke from the time it was released, I switched to Coke Zero a couple of years ago. But lately I’ve been drinking more ginger ale.

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I’m with AstroChuck…Dr. Pepper all the way (although that Coke that comes in through Mexico sounds intriguing…now, where’s my Costco card?)

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soda is gross, but when I have to make the choice, definitely coca cola. It has more of a world culture of coke drinkers surrounding it, it’s classic. It tastes better.

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I love Coke. But Diet Coke makes me hungry. When I need a diet soda it has to be Pepsi of Dr. Pepper.

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It amazes me that people like Coke. I used to live on Pepsi – maybe 8 a day,
plus salad. I can’t handle the caffeine any more.
I’d like Pepsi to make something with plenty of sugar and no caffeine.

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diet pepsi max!

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Neither, yuck!

I’ve always been a root beer weirdo. Now I’m just a beerdo.

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Prefer still drinks, but if it has to be, then Pepsi, it just feels less like a punch on the nose.

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I dont drink much soda at all, I prefer Coke to Pepsi, but now I mostly drink water. When I do want a soda though, I go for Boylans “The Natural Kind” Creme Soda & Boylans Creamy Red Birch Beer ! I also dig Virgil’s Root Beer.

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@smart1979 I love Birch Beer! I thought it was only in New Jersey and Pennslyvania. I never heard of it before moving to New Jersey.

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Pepsi! Free music downloads, woo hoo!!!

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scamp – brch beer is good stuff – you gotta try Boylan’s Creamy Red if you haven’t yet :)

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Virgil’s RB is epic.

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smart1979 I’ll try it soon. I like cream soda too.

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coke I’m powered by coca cola yummy

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Jack n coke mmmmmmmm

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