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Why is Randall Terry running in the Democratic primary?

Asked by ETpro (34550points) January 9th, 2012

Terry is running this ad on the local ABC affiliate in Boston now, aiming at the many people in Southern New Hampshire who watch WCVB, Boston. Judging from his list of culture war issues, it appears that his only problem with the current Republican field of candidates is that they are not nearly extreme enough for him.

According to this article, WCVB listeners have flooded the station with complaints asking that the ad be taken down, which of course WCVB cannot do. Federal law requires that political advertising not be censored.

What possessed Terry to claim to be a Democrat? Is it a Republican false flag attack? Does he seriously think he has any chance of winning the Democratic nomination, or is he just seeking publicity for his culture warrior causes?

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Talk about a one trick pony. Terry has one interest and one interest alone. Anti-choice. The guy is like a court jester. He turns up and makes you laugh for a moment and then disappears while the serious business gets done.

You’re paying too much attention to him.

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He sounds like Captain Archer.
I can not tell which of the two is more insane.

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Apparently, it’s so he can air a graphic (ie lots of “fetuses”), pro-life political ad during the Super Bowl this year. Normally, there aren’t any “issues” ads allowed during the Super Bowl because of equal-time rules, this may or may not be a way around that rule. Terry is trying to hurt Obama politically, and while he is a life-long Republican, he didn’t want to run against candidates such as Sarah Palin, Mike Huckebee, and Mitt Romney. (Source)

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He’s not pretending to be a Democrat so much as trying to get attention by being the only guy running in the Democratic primary. Basically, he’s an asshat.

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asshat, i like it.

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@elbanditoroso One track mind. And given his intellectual capacity, it’s amazing he can manage that many tracks.

@Aethelflaed Thanks for the inside track.

@Uberwench I'm sure that’s true. He is Republican through and through. And like @mrrich724, I love the asshat characterization.

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