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Problem with Windows 7 on two hard drives?

Asked by inunsure (423points) January 9th, 2012

It’s strange its as if I can’t take one of my hard drives out. I have a C drive what is a separate drive and it all seems to be installed on D drive.

I want to take the C drive out but it wont let me and I cant take the D drive out as well.

How do I get it all to be moved to one disk

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You can’t take out drive C, it’s what the OS is installed on, duh,

If you want to take out the other one just remove it when the computer is shut down, obviously.

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If you are wanting to remove C:\ , copy the OS to D:\, then shut down, remove C:\ and move D:\ to C:\, this will now be the boot disk and identified as the new C:\ drive

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@DrBill C is the drive windows isntalls to, that won’t work.

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I’ve done it before, with no problems. the old D:\ becomes the new C:\

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@DrBill It’s not possible unless you clone the drive over.

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I thought others would ask this before I did, so I stayed out until now, but…

Do you have two physical drives? Often a physical drive is partitioned into multiple “virtual drives”. When we’re issued computers at work the hard drive is always (always) partitioned into a C:\ “drive” with operating system files and not much else, and a D:\ partition with our work product and other added files. The C:\ and D:\ designators are for human convenience, but the hardware is a single mechanical drive.

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Sorry, I have done it, it is possible. As long as the disk has an OS the computer will boot from it. If it were not possible, we would have to trash a computer if the C:\ drive crashed.

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