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What are the things you could do to possibly forget that time flies fast?

Asked by mazingerz88 (23845points) January 9th, 2012

I’m going to be a year older again soon and I’ve felt for quite a while now that time passes too quickly for me these days. Wasn’t it just yesterday that the year 2000 came?

I don’t wish to be in denial here, just curious on what potential things and activities I could do mentally and physically to create a sense that the days are much longer than it seemed, that time has indeed slowed. I want it such that at the end of 2012, I could declare, boy, that was a sweetly slow year! Thanks, jellies.

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I am so going to follow this. I had thought of asking a Q wondering at what age the Jellies suddenly noticed that the phrase “the slow unfolding of years” no longer applied….

Totally unhelpful answer, but you got a GQ out of it!

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Standing in line anywhere.
Waiting for your tax refund.
Sitting in traffic.

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@Charles : Not what I would call “sweetly” slow! :-)

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@JilltheTooth Yes, I’m taking notes of the good suggestions and would really apply them. There has got to be effective ways of pulling this off. : )

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Spend your thoughts and energy savoring the present, and then the passage of time will not matter.

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time only flies when you’re having fun, so you could stop having fun.

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It’s called presence.
The moments go quickly when we are not aware and present in them, and lost in thought.
Thought is what creates unpresence, stuck in the mind, obliviousness. lol
The best exercise is to be in zen presence with everything you do.

Out of mind and IN the moment. Being fully present with every task.
The “just this-ness” of the moment.
Just driving, just chopping the veggies, just looking, watching and observing without thought.

Time doesn’t fly when your having fun so much as it ESCAPES you because YOU are not really THERE. lol

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A watched pot never boils. Whenever you feel that time is flying by, you need to realize that time is a constant measurement. You can carry around a stop watch with you and every time you are getting these thoughts or feelings, take it out, start it, and watch how constant it is. Every second, minute, hour, lasts the same as the last.

You also may be feeling this because it is winter time. As you know, the days seem shorter because it gets darker earlier, tricking your mind into thinking the day is shorter. So, coming out of 2011 in, still being in the winter time, may be a major factor. Let me know how it goes.

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Time advances towards the present slowly but recedes into the past quickly.

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Wow, I asked this in 2012 and it’s almost 2019 now? Time flew! : )

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