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Who was better? Jordan or Gretzky?

Asked by Charles (4823points) January 9th, 2012

Both are considered the best in their sports. Is either better than the other or are they exactly the same?

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Michael Jordan. He was a multiple athlete.

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Or Usain Bolt.
Or Marta.

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Magic Gretzky.

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The two, as you said, are of fame for two different sports entirely. I don’t believe a comparison can be made between athletes of different sports even if they may seem to be of equal caliber. Basketball is nothing like hockey and vice versa.

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A sports fan dies and goes to Heaven. As he’s being shown around Heaven by Saint Peter, he asks, “Are there are any sports up here?”

“Of course,” says Saint Peter, bringing the man over to a rink where a hockey game is in progress.

As the man watches, one of the players gets the puck, skates circles around everyone else, jinks past the defencemen, dekes out the goalie, and scores an incredible goal.

“Wow!” says the man, impressed. “Who is that?”

Saint Peter rolls his eyes and says, “Oh, that’s just Jesus Christ, he thinks he’s Wayne Gretzky.”

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They are two different sports…..

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It’s hard to compare the two. As someone who is a big hockey fan and not a basketball fan, I’m going to say Gretzky. For no other reason than my bias on the sports.

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