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Why is linux so unpleasent to use, or is it just me?

Asked by Melonking (1221points) January 9th, 2012

I have tried to like Linux, again and again. I have tried Ubuntu and Fedora, different versions over different years.

I have no issues using Mac or Windows. But no matter how hard I try and enjoy it I find Linux unpleasant to use.

The fonts don’t feel rigth, the ui is stark and uninviting, little elements of the ui that should be so simple to use just don’t work.

I have tried theme’ing, and tinkering to the best of my ability, but it just never works.

I love the philosophy behind it, but the reality just does not do it, can anyone help me?

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Linux is more for people who know mora about computers and programming, not your average user.

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I have to admit, I don’t find the Linux interface nearly as nice as Windows’ (though I do have a custom theme at the moment. Hmm..) but I do prefer it to the Mac OSX stuff.

I know you can change themes on Ubuntu, but I don’t know how far that goes. You can change the default system fonts and as far as other things go… If you can change the way things look as much as you can with Windows (it’s Linux; I’d expect there to be even more things you can do) then there should be a way to make everything shiny

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I love Linux if I only interact with it via SSH.

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@johnpowell Wow, I’d want to try that just to see if I could work with it.

Yeah, I’m going to have to look up the process; this has to be done.

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@GrayTax I just SSH into a server that deals with my websites. That was the tail end of me using bittorent to download a tv show. Then unraring it and converting it to h.264 from avi with ffmpeg. Then getting it to stream on a webpage with HTML5. It took around 4 hours to nail it and it wasn’t how I planned on spending my afternoon.

And for some reason I do actually prefer working from the command line.

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@johnpowell That’s pretty damn cool, I have to say… I feel like I ought to learn to do more things like what you have going there, but I can never find any decent projects/tutorials to make me learn how to do it “properly”.

I enjoy it mainly for the way it looks, which might be why I like using the ELinks browser… That’s a lot of fun.

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What @XOIIO said is true. I do have a hard drive with Linux on it and I use it sometimes for fun (I love that everything’s free), but I do find it tedious and I’m not a fan of working with a command line.

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I must say, the command line is one of the better parts, for those intrested there is a good tutorial on called UNIX for Mac that that teaches you all the key stuff for linux too.

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Mac4Lin is one way to ease the pain. And I have used some that are indistinguishable from WinXP.

Years ago, Linux truly wasd unpleasant, but nowadays it is more a matter of personal preference. Some distros and some WMs are slick, polished, and at least as good as Apple or Microsoft every has done. But the best part about Linux is that anything you don’t like can be changed…. and somebody has probably already made the changes you want and uploaded them to the repository!

In short, it’s you, but your reasons for disliking a fine OS are warranted… though less so as time goes on and Linux improves.

BTW, Unity sucks :p

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It sounds like you’re not used to it. Personally, I use Linux and I love it. Windows, on the other hand, was very hard for me to get used to! “Different strokes for different folks.”

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Don’t like unity either, but for most of the work i do ctrl+alt+t is all i need. So it doesn’t bother me too much.

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