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IN & OUT in 2012?

Asked by rebbel (24949points) January 9th, 2012

We have only just begun with 2012, so I think we can still make a list of things, people, happenings, phenomena that will be IN and which will be OUT in 2012.

IN: 70’s rock, OUT: Lady Gaga
IN: Frisbees, OUT: Planking

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In: and Out Burger. Out: back restaurants.

In: sanity. Out: houses.

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@Brian1946 I think we were born in the same year and think alike.

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@Tropical_Willie I think you’re right: isn’t 1946 known as the Year of the Impertinent Jackass? ;-)

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Or unencumbered old F*RT….

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No, @Brian1946. That would be 1942. 1946 was the year of the Insolent Outlandish Fool.

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IN Levi’s 501 jeans sold at $25.00
OUT Tights as pants, in public.

IN Music made with real drums, real stringed instruments, real piano, etc.
OUT Anything to do with Autotune.

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Obama will win, some tragedy will happen that temporarily unites the nation against others, and some new musician will be popular for awhile.

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IN Enemas OUT Organic Food

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IN (jail) Lindsay Lohan/OUT (of jail) Lindsay Lohan/IN (jail again) Lindsay Lohan/IN (jail) Lindsay Lohan’s Dad

IN flat strappy sandals/OUT 5 inch stiletto heels for women’s shoes

IN modern folk music/OUT synthesizer pop music

OUT cupcakes/IN Pancakes (with multiple flavors, with multiple flours and multiple add ins like coffee and chile pepper and blue corn)

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In… conspiratorial prophetic religious fanatic doomsday scenarios.

Out… conspiratorial prophetic religious fanatic doomsday scenarios.

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The same thing we do every year, Pinky. Try to take over the world.

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